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Having chatted, we again had sex.
I lay on my back, he lay on top of me and began to attach his penis.
I wrapped my legs around him, but still I felt that he was not very comfortable.
Then I raised my hips and put my legs on his broad shoulders to make it easier for him to enter me.
And he entered, quickly and confidently.
and again the mad jump rushed! Soon my “vagina” was very well developed, and the member entered it with a funny squish sound.
When he finished and took out his dick, sperm flowed from my blown holes right on the white sheets.
We had sex all night.
He pierced me with his stake in the most unbelievable positions.
In the morning we finally exhausted and fell asleep, hugging.
We were awakened by an alarm clock.
Heck! After all, today is not a day off! He needs a job, and me at the institute.
But first I need to get home, change clothes, take on a male image.
I miss the first pair, anyway.
I kissed my lover in a sleepy physiognomy, fished out my dress and panties from a pile of clothes on the floor and ran into the shower.
Booty ached, especially when walking.
And no wonder, the first time and such a load! From a sleepless night and a makeup that was not lifted for the night, hissing in his eyes, on the eyelashes, a feeling of heaviness and gluing together.
I looked at myself in the mirror.
Horror! A disheveled wig pulled to the side, smeared cosmetics.
I ran my hand over my chin.
The problem with the hair on the face and body was solved by me with the help of the “Brown” electro-epilator.
Once in 2-3 months, after a hot shower, I take to this painful process.
After the first time I was sure that I would never touch the epilator for anything else, but having decided to repeat this torture again, I noticed that it was already much easier for me to endure this procedure.
And the hair for some reason became thinner.
After epilation, you apply a special compound with papain, and forget about the problem for a long time.

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I quickly put myself in order, hastily made up, got dressed.
When I came out of the bathroom, I found Andrew preparing coffee and sandwiches for breakfast.
He put his arm around my waist.
– I’m taking you home right now.
And in the evening we meet again here! I agreed to shake my head.
Yesterday I had no plans to disclose my residence to him.
Why I wanted to meet him wanted in his apartment, although I had to shove all over the city.
But tonight turned everything upside down! That’s how we became lovers.
I brought all the things I needed to the apartment and began to live with him.
He constantly spoiled me with gifts: jewelry, perfume, expensive clothes, stockings.
By the way, I have already become well versed in all these women’s accessories.
I myself bought Baltic linen, not expensive, but very high quality.
Stocking and tights I endured nemeryannom.
I wear them at home without taking them off, and at night I have sex in stockings.
On walks, if I go out in a short skirt, I wear pantyhose, if more genuine, then stockings.
I always feel more comfortable in stockings.
What Andrei bought me was the best thing I ever wore.
Usually he entered the apartment with a sly expression on his face and took out some package or bag behind his back.
I immediately unpacked him, gasped, threw him round his

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neck, kissed him gratefully and ran to try on.
My joy seemed to him a great pleasure.
My monetary difficulties are a thing of the past.
Andrew was a real gentleman and readily fulfilled all my desires and whims.
Once I even interrupted sexual intercourse in full swing, when I had an unexpected desire to look at myself in the mirror during sex, and Andrew did not give me a blow on my ears for this, and meekly fulfilled my whim.
I had such a desire when I squatted on a big armchair, and he, standing on the floor, was fucking me with cancer.
I was wearing only flesh-colored stockings (without a belt), high-heeled shoes and a soft bra, in whose cups I inserted condoms filled with water.
Andryusha vigorously drove his penis into me, and I, with my head hanging down, watched with pleasure as my improvised breasts swayed seductively under me in time with the movement of the “piston”.
And at this very moment I had an obsessive desire to see my breasts sway in a different pose.
I made Andrei take out his hot dick from me, remove a large mirror from the hallway, bring it and attach it in front of the chair.
Then I sat him in the chair, and she sat down in front of him, grabbed a member and sent him into her anus.
When a member relish enters me to the full, I lay back, put my hands on the armrests and began to move, then lifting my buttocks up, then lowering them back again, sitting down on the stake sticking up below me. Private live sex show.

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