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Sasha stood like a statue of Samson over a lion, a hellish smile lit his face and his eyes were burning with fire! In the expression of the face and read – “Well, bitten, bitch!” When their eyes met, Sasha winked at Julia, then tore off her head from her pussy and fed back heavily.
Yulia lost her balance by surprise and did not even have time to close her mouth, as Sasha spat neatly at her directly into him and pressed her crotch again.
Tears flowed in Julia – it was at the moment the humiliation of her whole life, and Sasha, meanwhile, towered over her, throwing her head back and laughing loudly! This laughter will be in her dreams for a long time.
Zhenya and Oksana stood bulging eyes for the second time in a day.
In front of them there was a picture that they hitherto invisible – one of their friends simply fucked the second, who tried her best to humor her! They could not and did not want to interfere – such a sight was in itself unique and perhaps in their entire life they would no longer see anything like it.
Eugene looked with a certain perverted interest and disgust at the same time, while Oksana just froze and licked her dry lips.

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Suddenly, Sasha lifted Julia from the floor and kissed a big passion.
For half a minute there was complete silence.
Sasha, in the meantime, managed to completely peel his girlfriend and winding her long hair on her arm, first went to the window sill, and then took off her slaps and half-half-fell to the wide window sill as much as possible while spreading her wonderful legs.
Julia naturally “jumped” for her hair and again found herself at Sasha between her legs! This time she habitually licked but standing, stooping in the back and raising her ass high, since the window sill was at a rather low distance.
Sasha looked at Zhenya and literally commanded: “Yevgeny, smoke a cigarette!” She silently, as if under hypnosis, took a pack of cigarettes from her pocket and shook her cigarette with shaking hands and then handed it to Sasha.
– Thank you, – Sasha took the first drag.
With one hand, she kept her cigarette

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periodically mannered periodically, like a mistress, shaking the ashes on the windowsill, with the second she held Julia’s head by the hairs wound around her hand and sometimes moaning, enjoying herself, laughing, throwing her head back and feeling like a complete hostess.
Julia while diligently, as she could, worked at Sasha between her legs.
Oksana, imperceptibly for everyone, walked away and leaning against the wall, unable to bear it, began to leap openly for herself! One hand she ran directly under the shorts, and the other she drove herself all over her body, occasionally clutching her chest.
Sasha, noticing this, immediately laughed: – So it is. Online sex arab.

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