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Then he waited for the moment when Helen stood up, took out his penis from her pussy and clasped the head with his lips and began to caress her tongue, plunging the member deeper into his mouth.
Having made several progressive movements of the head, I again returned the member to the pussy to Lenochka.
– Wow!!!! – Dima was clearly delighted – so even more fun !!! – Well, then we continue !!! I have done this trick a few more times with taking out Dima’s dick from the Lenochkin pussy, while at the same time caressing Dima’s head, I did not forget about Lenochka’s pussy, my fingers replaced her cock for a while.
And when I returned it to the place, then my tongue caressed her ass, trying to break into her hole.
This went on for some time, until Lenochka said: – Seryozha, you have some kind of carelessness with us – noticing my standing member.
– How do you like? – Helen let me and you in 69 pose

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, and Dimka will enter you! – Oh, and I like this position.
We moved a little bit, now I was lying on my back. Helen was standing over me, and Dima was entering her pussy from behind.
And again I got the opportunity to caress not only one, but both partners.
My tongue licked pussy while passing through the trunk of a member.
Mm how tasty it is.
Still, I still could not resist pulling out Dimkin member and licked him.

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Licking all that was on his penis.
And Lenochka was lavishly rich in juices.
However, she diligently worked her tongue over my dick.
– I can not tolerate – Dimkin’s voice was already wheezing with excitement – I’ll finish it now !!! – And come on – looking up from pleasure, I advised him.
I felt how his cock tightened, and how the sperm went down the canal.
He made a few more movements and Lena shook the spasm of the orgasm.
Dima came out of her and I intercepted his cock with his lips sucking the last drops from him.
And then he switched to Lena’s pussy, because as she poured from her, her juice was mixed with sperm.
Mm, what a wonderful cocktail !!! As soon as I filled my mouth with this beautiful mixture, I myself could not restrain myself and threw out Dima in a hot mouth while Dimka lay and watched his wife enjoying sucking the sperm out of me.
Licking the last bit off my dick, Helen turned to me.
– Come on, get a cocktail! – and dug her lips into my mouth.
How cool it was to feel this mixed taste of my sperm, Dimkina and her juices !!! Her tongue greedily seized the whole mixture.
Then we just went to the couch all together.
– Yes, Seryoga – Dimka first came to his senses – surprised !!! – I was pleasantly surprised – contentedly pleading between us agreed with her husband Helen.
– So we can continue – coming to himself, I replied.
– We have an interesting offer for you, but more on that later.
– Helen sly smiled to sleep. We still lay down, but already in the morning.
Exhausted tired, but satisfied and satisfied.
And the proposal really turned out to be interesting, but about this some other time.
In Moscow, there was a warm May evening.
At the station “Kurskaya” in the center of the hall, as always, at that time it was very crowded.
People, not paying any attention to each other, hurried about their business. Online american sex video.

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