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After that my eyes began to wander further on the reflection of a charming girl.
I thought that maybe it was my sister’s rally, but the girl in the reflection repeated all my actions and I felt the touch to myself with my own hands.
As a result, I fainted.
I woke up only when my sister poured icy water over me with shouts: – WHERE IS MY BROTHER? BITCH? ANSWER !!! – Liz calm down, and do not yell so.
– HOW DID YOU HERE !!! !!! – I went through the front door.
She, of course, stopped yelling, but the questions remained the same: – Explain who you are, where my brother is and how you got here.
– Got it? – Yes, you, got !!! – Sis? What are you really shabby? It’s me, Sanya !!! – It can not be that.
Though you look like him, but you are not HE !!! She began to sob.
Unrestrained and not hiding it.
To me, her tears are like a blade.
And as always finding the right words and memories, she tried to calm her down and prove that her brother (sister) was in front of her.
– Sis, it’s really me.
Remember how I once caught you looking at your father’s magazines with naked girls.
We have agreed with you that I am not telling anyone about this, and you.
– I help you, get acquainted with his girlfriend.
But this can not be how it happened.
All the time of our conversation, I sat bound hand and foot on a chair.
And my whole body got numb.
– Sister, and maybe you will untie me? Please !!! – Oh, right.
Sorry Sash.
– And began to untie knots.
– Thank.
– I said, rubbing my hands.
– To be honest, I myself do not know how I became so.
– Such – My sister corrected me.
“Oh,” she cried, pointing to the bristling section of jeans.

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– Whatoooooo !!? Am I not exactly a girl? As expected, I had my old tool with a hole for the eggs.
– Wow !!! – What should I do? I work !!! – Do not worry.
Damn how long have I not fucked! Sis, and you can not help me? And I’ll bring you too.
– She said, pretty smile.
– And then will you help me mow under the guy? Please !!! – Of course sis.
Then everything happened as in an erotic, no, not like in a pornographic film.
I’m half

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naked coming to Lisa.
Slowly take off the remnants of her clothes and sharply incline her to Chelena.
She tries to resist, but it does not help her.
I ram its throat with my 15 centimeters dick, and almost reaching the orgasm, I take it out.
Lisa begins to resent— “Why are you stopping?” “I want to try you in all holes before I finish.
– A, clear.
Well then, come on.
Try pussy.
– Nah, I want an ass !!! And without waiting for an answer, I turn her ass to myself and start ramming an undeveloped hole.
– AAAAAAAAAA, it hurts me !!! – Sorry, I could not resist.
Are you very sick? Can I stop? ”“ Get him out of me !!! ”“ No, I told you that I will try you all. ”
During the conversation I did not move, but after the last words I began to work again.
She began to moan and cry.
– Stop.
Do not.
You are welcome.
– She spoke in a whisper.
Then I accelerated, and at the same time began to move in a circle with my pelvis, trying to find a point of pleasure.
What I managed to do in a couple of laps.
– Ah, AGH !!! Faster, FASTER, FASTER.
What I did.
After 30 seconds, Lisa began to twitch in ecstasy.
She caught up with an orgasm, and looking at my sister, I myself could not resist and finished it.
– Liz excuse me, I finished you.
– Okay.
Wow, how did I not think of it before.
– I’ll rest a bit and take a pussy.
“Okay, but do you rush her first?” “Of course.
Five minutes later, my dick began to rise.
Then I decided to lick her pussy.
I got up and crawled to her.
Lysina pussy oozed, and my every touch made my sister start from pleasure.
Bringing her to the brink, I pulled away, and my sister began to beg me.
– Do not stop, well, please.
Or you want to drive me crazy with excitement.
– No, I just want to enter your pussy.
– Of course, come on, she is waiting for you.
I without thinking twice jumped on it and entered with a swing. Nude women 50 old webcam.

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