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Is she unconscious? What’s this? Reflex movement? Oh god How hot she is there !.
My friend, my little firefighter who is rushing into business, is already there.
Involuntarily shudder.
A woman is indifferent.
She just spread her legs.
This has meant invitation in all ages.
But she is unconscious!
This is on the level of reflexes! Female reflexes! Spread your legs if a peasant climbs on you.
I make several movements.
Hot, slippery.
so slippery that I feel almost nothing.
Where is she – the tight flesh of my beloved wife ?.
More movement.
No, we must stop! It is impossible, it is impossible to force a unconscious woman.
What the fuck? She has already been raped.
A few more movements.
I feel nothing there.
just warm.
She was raped.
but she was conscious.
Almost involuntarily to the limit, I move the pelvis forward.
I can not get it.
no familiar dense womb uterus.
Everything is shaky, slippery.
I can not hold back anymore.
I can not.
Lenka suddenly, with a low moan, makes a weak movement towards me.
Here, it seems.
got it out.
Can `t stand.
I can not hide more.
Now i am
And with a gurgle — with a crane kurlykantem, which she so wanted to hear — I, furiously, shuddering in an endless, wild orgasm, finish this incredible intercourse.
And who is there, actually, who raped? It still needs to be sorted out.
When he was satisfied, he went to the table, I could not resist and lay on the sofa sideways, closing my eyes.
They talked about me using words like “fuck, whore, nipple, mossy, and so on.
“but I didn’t care, I closed my eyes and lay in baldela.
He came up like a mole, slapped me on the pope and said “eh: don’t fall asleep, we still need to entertain Mihalych.”
I kept silent, Mikhalych himself intervened, said he was passing, he has a daughter older than me.
After a bit of lying down and having come to myself, I completely raised myself on the sofa, looked at everyone, for some reason smiled and lowered my eyes to the floor in embarrassment.

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Moley poured vodka for me, I sipped a little, bit the sausage and got up, three pairs of eyes looked at me, I walked around the room, went to the window, stood looking at the street for a while, the men looked in my direction, something strange happened to me, there

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was no fear, there was no shame, some kind of courage appeared, I was completely fed up with sex, but something in the nutria required me to continue the party.
I could not explain to myself what I want, I just understood that I needed something else, but what? Moley came up behind him, took me by the chest and pressed me to himself, I did not resist, even on the contrary I threw my head back and leaned on him, he was without a t-shirt and I felt the warmth of his body.
Moley put his right hand between my legs and quickly felt for my hole, put his finger into it, I started, slightly moving my finger in my pussy, he pulled it out and stuck two fingers already and deeper, I moved and spread my legs a little to enter freer and without pain.
Moley patrolled me in my pussy (not giving me pleasure) pulled my fingers out, took my hand and led me to the couch saying “let’s go pussy I’ll fuck you”.
I silently and meekly walked to the couch.
Then Mikhalych intervened, “listen girl, you are beautiful, the figure is good, the face is pleasant, how did you become that whore?” , I already jumped from the insult “I am not a whore, I generally the first time like this, I only had one guy, or rather two, but the first one doesn’t count, but here: here I am:” and I became silent without knowing how to explain them to them on the couch, and they laughed together.
An adult man approached me quietly asked, “tell me honestly, did you like with us?” I nodded my head and lowered my eyes in shame, “and you still want it? Honestly,” I squeezed my legs together, lowered my head even lower and squeezed out “yes.”
He stroked my head “that’s nice”, then took me by the chin and lifted my head up, I straightened up and saw his already protruding member in front of my face.
I watched my first porn movie at the age of 14, there the girl sat on her knees and sucked at once on four of them, and then they took it in turn, two of us, three of us: from time to time I came across such videos and they turned me on.
The dick sticking out of my pants in front of my face was not at all like the ones in the movies, the dick was overgrown and not so big and the men in the room didn’t look like porn characters either, but it started to turn me on.
I wrapped my lips around the head of my penis, and with my hands I began to unbutton my pants to the end and pull them down. Naked teen webcam.

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