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I changed, Ney.
I changed even when you were lying in my mind (damn! It seems after all, what happened this morning!), And most importantly, I changed here in a spaceship.
While reviving, and while reviving you.
But one thing I can not understand.
What? Why did you want to die? At first, I even thought that someone had killed you, but then I saw that we were alone on the ship.
Why, Ney? Something happened when I am.
when did you bring me back? Yes.
“And Ney told her about Anubis.”
– I still do not understand why we both are alive.
Someone had to survive alone.
Ney! – Leanna looked at him carefully.
– There is no Anubis.
But I heard the voice! I spoke to him! There is no Anubis! Think about it yourself: we are talking about parallel spaces, about the laws of nature that we control – what guards and ghosts can be here? All this is a fairy tale.
The universe is inanimate.
But with whom did I speak then? I think that was your genocode.
I guessed that there would be something similar, although I did not know in what form it would appear. Love sex online.

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