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to end so quickly hastily it was completely useless, which Nikita still clearly did not understand.
A solution was found very soon.
Right in front of the window, in front of which they were sitting, there was a large bus with closed doors.
On such a bus we were taken from the plane to the airport building.
I calmly, without fussing, went to the window and stood in front of him, ostensibly examining the bus.
Now the couple was sitting behind me, just to the right.
she accordingly sat facing me and saw my appearance.
I, turning my head, as if examining the bus, meanwhile squinting my eyes, tried to examine the peasant imperceptibly.
Under my sunglasses, the direction of my gaze was unrealistic, and the turn of my head was clearly not enough for them to decide that I was looking at them.
Having given my appearance a minimum of attention, they returned to their conversation.
In the peasant, I was not mistaken – 40 years, maybe even under 50.
clearly battered by life.
Plain pants are light, resort, ordinary shoes are light, plain silk shirt.
She sat on his lap, as I said, with his left hand on his shoulder and his right hand on his knee.
His left hand was on her hips, the right was not visible.
Quiet peaceful conversation.
I began to guess who they were to each other.
It was evident that his eyes were badly slanting to the side, so I looked for an opportunity to legally stare at them 🙂 The solution was found unexpectedly – turning my head to the bus, I suddenly found that the whole couple was completely visible to me in the reflection of the bus door, which were polished to a shine and from the inside even, apparently, were darkened by some kind of film.
It turned out a great mirror.
And since the bus was very close to our window, everything could be seen in the reflection of the “mirror”, as if I would be standing directly in front of them.

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So I stood, now turning my back to them, facing the window, and calmly looked at them.
By their appearance, it turned out that they were relatives.
Just a girl so childishly sat on her lap.
Maybe a father? Or uncle? I had doubts about this when I suddenly found out that his left hand, which was lying so calmly on her thigh, suddenly began to make stroking movements.
Seeing this, I was still struggling with the conjecture that “cannot be.”
But then he saw that the same hand began to stroke the upper side of her thighs less and hide more and more on their inner side.
Finally, my doubts gained strength, when without a hint the

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hand darted to her groin and there she began to perform several other actions, progressive up and down.
“Nifiga yourself!”, I thought, “So they are lovers!”.
Meanwhile, the hand continued to caress her through the shorts lycra.
Her right leg trembled and slightly pulled away, giving her hand more space and I could already see how her basin was moving very slightly against the movement of her arm.
She gently waved him, continuing to talk about something calmly with him.
Awesome sight :)! Suddenly, they suddenly startled.
His hand came back to her hips, she sat up straighter, her legs tightly tight.
And the next moment, with a crash past us, between me and the person facing the window, and a couple in love, a child ran, pushing a luggage cart in front of him.
A few seconds passed and the thunder of his trolley had calmed down somewhere far away.
The couple sat quietly, continuing to talk.
I was angry, looking into the reflection, and saying to myself, “Come on! Well!”.
and my thoughts come true.
His hand went into motion again – she crawled up her thigh to her belt.
And the next moment disappeared under her T-shirt.
It was visible as she there, under a t-shirt, slowly rose, stroking her tummy, up to a breast, covered it from above.
A few circular movements on the papilla and now she crawls even higher on the chest, almost to the neck, then back to the papilla.
Again gentle gentle caress the nipple and the hand dives under the chest, where slightly lifting it, switches to the other chest, which is exactly the same caress.
Their conversation has stopped, the girl sits on the lap of a man with her eyes closed, slightly opening her lips and, in my opinion, is even slightly trembling.
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