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Get up and run to the bath.
When I changed clothes and came to the bathroom, the slave was already standing between the toilet and the bathroom in a submissive pose, with his forehead on the tiled floor.
Turning his ass to me, I began to unscrew the shower handle-watering can from the corrugated metal hose.
Unfortunately, the end of the hose did not fit into his strandel – the anus ring squeezed from fear, and the hose itself had something like a retaining ring at the end, for which he also attracted a nut to the watering can.
I had to soap the victim’s ass and the end of the hose, after which he finally, having overcome the resistance of the sphincter, squeezed inside.

The slave endured this test in silence and only sullenly grunted when the hose, plunging about 10 centimeters, apparently rested against hard stools and, despite my efforts, did not want to move any further.
Then I began to prepare the water pressure in the faucet, because too much pressure will immediately push this improvised enema back.

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Having achieved the necessary pressure, I switched the mixer to shower mode.
The water began to gurgle into the intestines, from which Sergei flinched all over and started wagging his ass trying to get used to a new feeling for himself, for which he immediately received a blow from me with a ruler on the wounded buttock.
As the intestines were full, the moans became clearer, and the stomach was already noticeably enlarged.
And when, according to my calculations, there were already about 3 liters of water in the victim’s womb, I switched the water to an ordinary faucet and slowly took the hose out of its anus and ordered me to get up and jump a little so that the water was distributed throughout the intestine.
With difficulty, the slave rose and began to bounce heavily on the spot, squeezing his buttocks tightly and biting his lip from the strain.
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