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And when it ends and they are forced to break away from each other, he suggests: Maybe we will sit down? And, as if inviting, puts his hand on the bedspread.
Some time Sasha is in indecision.
Agree? No way! All the hops, and with it the recklessness disappears somewhere.
No, – somehow she does not very confidently object and begins to explain: – The matrimonial bed does not exist for that.
Treat it with due respect.
And anyway, is it time to return to the table? They return to the kitchen and sit down again at the table.
Kanunnikov fills glasses.
And Sasha, looking at him – thoughtfully silent and, it seemed to her, somewhat lost, and herself now regretting that she had not rejected his advances too sharply, decides to correct her mistake by suggesting: Let’s have a drink for brotherhood.

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And the fact that we are all on “you” and on “you.”
Is it going Is coming! – the guest agrees with joyful readiness.
Having shifted chairs, clink glasses, kiss, drink, and, having a little bit, they renew caresses.
Kisses are interrupted only in order to give the opportunity to take a breath of air.
His hands, are not limited now only to examination of her breasts, but go down to the waist and hips, rise to the stomach, return to the bust.
In this case, the fingers grope for a button on the blouse and try to unbutton it.
Oh, what is it you? – She grabs him by these fingers.
First, not “you”, but “you”.
And secondly, why not look at what is there? Is it too much and immediately you want? You again”! We’ll have to repeat the toast on brotherhood! Yes, I’m sorry, I’ll have to.

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So we are friends, aren’t we? Yes, buddy.
Can I call you that? You can, girlfriend.
But, as far as I know, friends do not regret anything for each other.
And then, it turns out, it is a pity to let him unbutton his blouse.
Wait a minute! Speech, like, was only about one button.
Now give you all? So sorry? Sorry not sorry, but you ruthless! Ruthless – is it when you do not feel sorry for anyone, not even a friend, or nothing for even a friend? Please don’t powder my brains !.
It’s not pity, but.
I do not know how to put it more accurately.
But I do not mind anything for you.
What to undo, what to part with? Just say it! With these words, Leonid expressively glancing at the pants of his trousers, trying to put her palm there.
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