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When I started to squeeze his pants off, his cock elastically jumped out and stood up like a candle.
I have never seen such huge members, it was not so much long as it was large in diameter.
Seeing my surprise, Alexey smiled, took my hair and pulled me to my huge body.
I gladly took it in my mouth, licked the head, then licked the entire length, licked the testicles, Alexey began to breathe often.
Then he asked: “Do you want to make me nice?” “I really want to,” I replied.
“Then you will not just have to,” he said, flirting.
He screwed my hair on my arm and started working very deeply in my mouth as a member.
I first appeared vomiting reflex, but after a couple of movements, he passed, and I was able to “swallow” his penis on the very eggs.
He got a taste and began to frankly “fuck” my mouth.
He pressed my head so hard, I thought I was going to suffocate.
I swallowed his cock as deep as I could do it.
Having swallowed his dick once again, I tried to stick my tongue out, he didn’t lose his head, and clasping his balls with his huge palm, pulled them up to my tongue.
Panting and enjoying, I licked as much as I could his balls and swallowed a member.
He began to moan louder and louder.
From this, I began to wind up again.
Having felt this, Alexey let go of my head and said: “do you want more?”, I answered “I want.”

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Then, after some thought, he put me on a chair with cancer and entered my already wet crotch.
He began to move in me and I immediately felt a wave of excitement, which again was about to cover me, but it was not there.
As soon as I began to relax and moan a little, I felt that Alex was massaging my anus, I was frightened, because I had never had anal sex before.
He whispered to me:

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I tried to relax, but I did not succeed, my anus shrunk to the size of a needle.
Then Alexey turned me over to face him and touched my clitoris with his finger and began to stimulate him.
Under such influence, my clitoris immediately swell and pleasant sensations returned to me.
I thought that Alexey had abandoned the idea of ​​anal sex, and so I completely relaxed, when I felt that his little finger was feeling my hole again and slightly pressing it, penetrated 1 phalanx inside.
I screamed, to which Aleksey closed his mouth with my hand.
He came down and touched the tongue of my clitoris, while kneading my anus with my little finger.
Realizing that the little finger can move there quite freely, he tried to penetrate my ass with his index finger.
It became unpleasant for me again, but I couldn’t say or cry out.
Pleasant sensations mixed with unpleasant.
“What is your tight” – said Alexey with admiration and excitement, depending on how his index finger comes in and out of my ass.
This picture clearly irritated him, because after the index finger he had already thrust two fingers, in spite of my imploring views, almost turning into crying.
Then, having enjoyed such an exciting picture, he laid me on his stomach on the table.
I laid down meekly, “Spread the buttocks,” said Alexei, “please don’t.” I asked him, “Spread, otherwise it will be worse and more unpleasant,” I listened and spread my buttocks apart. Live desi sex mms.

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