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Likaruss bongacams.
First we talked about this and that, I calmed down.
I undressed completely, I squatted on my haunches, picked up his half-standing member with some kind of invisible force that lashed my lips towards him, I began to lick and then suck, and I liked it so much as if I knew a whole world of happiness.
By not sucking a lot, I began to caress his nipples with my tongue and then went into my ear and asked him to put a prezik on me with my lips, as the prostitutes did to me.
I don `t know how I had better lie down, he asked for cancer and began to enter smoothly, it was painful first until the head came in and then it became easier.
I wanted a lot in the toilet.
But I suffered, the member was not big.
I tried to relax took my dick and started jerking while compressing the ring of the anus he was going to cum I asked to finish me vrot I took prezik and licked his connoisseur by swallowing all the sperm.
I don `t know whether I liked it or not.
A few days later, I again wanted to shake off the taste of sperm in my mouth, but this is another story.
Demenik slowly came to his senses.
He tried to understand where he is and how he got here.
It was dark around.
However, Demenik himself and a small area around him were lit.
Gradually, the pain came in the hands.
He could not lift his head, his arms were twisted behind his back, and from them was a rope, on which he was suspended.
Demenik tried to examine himself.
He was completely naked, he had only small leather pants that could hardly cover up.
It was rather a set of strips that were tied around his penis and testicles, which is why only emphasized his dignity.
In addition, Demenik noticed a feeling of fullness in the pope.
Apparently, there was something stuck in there.
He could not remember what had happened to him.

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Only small passages: here he is drinking coffee with some unfamiliar man; Demeniku becomes bad.
However, he does not go home, but goes for a walk with a stranger.
Was he the one who kidnapped him? His reflections interrupted his voice: – So you woke up.
My sweetie I waited so long to play with you.
However, you slept so sweetly that I did not dare wake you up.
Well, now we will break to entertainments, – Demenik could not fully see who said it.
He saw only the legs and the belly of his captor.
Like Demenik, the speaker was dressed only in his underpants.
However, unlike Demenika, the abductor’s underpants concealed his dignity, although they were very tight.
Demenik tried to answer something, but realized that a gag ball was fixed in his mouth so that he could not speak.
Therefore, all that he had is – it was a low.
– Well, well, do not strain yourself.
Do not waste your strength.
They will still be useful to you today.
– With these words, the kidnapper came behind Demenik.
With one hand, he quietly held Demenik’s back from the neck to the priests, and the second at that time he gently stroked his belly, occasionally, as if by accident, touching a member of his prisoner.
The stranger held gently with his hand over the captive’s buttocks.
After that, Demenik felt something stir in his ass.
Now he realized that all this time there was a vibrator.
At the same time, his captor began kissing his back, gently stroking it, and began to touch Demenik’s testicles with his second hand.
Caressing the most intimate parts of his victim, the torturer slightly weakened the ropes on which Demenik was suspended so

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that he could slightly unbend.
Then he began to kiss him in the neck and rub his cheek against him, while not forgetting to alternately stroke his penis, then the egg.
From such affection Demenik began to be excited.
“But you know, I love you,” said the torturer, continuing to caress the prisoner.
– True, in their own way.
– After these words, he stopped caressing Demenika, and with his hand with which he had just stroked his cheek, he sharply grabbed his chin.
Approaching Demenik from the front and lifting his head up, the torturer spat in the face of his victim.
– I like your pain and your humiliation.
– And again Demenik felt the ropes pull his hands up.
He had no choice but to lean forward again.
The torturer ran his hand again over Demenick’s already excited member.
– Looks like you’re ready for our first game.
To go closer to the playground.
– The stranger pulled the rope, after which the beam began to move, to which Demenik’s hands were tied. Likaruss bongacams.

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