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Today she will be flogged.
GET !!! – Do not be late.
– Good.
– Did you fulfill my order? Olga looked at her friend with interest.
– Yes of course.

– Let me check.
Spread your legs.
Irina complied.
The woman felt herself blushing.
City center, cafe.
A stranger’s male hand climbs under her skirt.
Alex put a finger into it.
The woman screamed.
– You.
Flowing hard, Alex grinned.
Irina bit her lip.
The man pulled out his hand.
Wiped off with a napkin.
– Do not be late.
Bye, Squirrel – Goodbye, Boss – Olga said goodbye.
Alex left the cafe.
Irina smiled.
Today at 6.
“Why didn’t you tell me anything?” – Olga asked – did you want a whipping? I can whip you.
Irina shook her head.
– You can not really flogged.
You love me – Irina repeated the words spoken to her husband.
– Why Alex? There are many Masters in the city.
– I want to be flogged by the one who flogged you.
Olga was silent, Irina saw that her friend was angry.
– Why Squirrel? – asked Irina.
– I was his dog.
Irina groaned.
Her friend was once an animal too.
How is she.
Irina remembered that Olga told how they walked her, how she ate from a dog bowl and sat on a leash.

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How did Irina want to see it.
And here one idea came into her head.
– Olya, I want you to go with me today.
– Are you kidding? Never! Olga was ready to explode.
“I ask, or rather, I order you to come with me.”
– You? To me? Are you ordering? Irina smiled.
– Do you remember our first visit to your home? Do you remember how you asked to let you seduce Igor? Olga angrily looked at her friend.
“You promised to fulfill my every wish.”
Or forgot? Olga was silent.
Irina saw that her friend is difficult to answer.
– Maybe you ask for something else? Irina shook her head.
“Do you know what Alex will be waiting for me?” – I know, therefore I ask.
I want to see a squirrel.
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