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Spread wide paws – See, x # nd hangs like a bast.
The king from anger brutalized and face turned purple — so that some kind of tarakashka Tsarsky x # e # bukashka?! Without bearing such shame, He averted his wrathful gaze, not to see this b # poison and continuous blasphemy: It is still early, And in the morning I will pour it in – For zololupa, I will fill the dust.
And I already wanted to fall asleep, Putting Elda on my chest, But suddenly I heard through a crap, I heard the mice scrape in the corner.
Well today for the attack – there is no opportunity to sleep.
That three b # yadi x # y torment, That bumblebees fly around.
To me tomorrow at the reception, How will I come up with such a h # ee?
I am the king in this city.
B # Yadi are sleeping all sweet sleep, Continuing to smack his mouth.
So the king cleared their holes – Do not find fault with Moidodyru.
In the yard blizzard, like a beast, Namala snowdrift under the door.
The girls woke up in the morning, In the bliss of sweet stretched.
Ah, yes, night, ah, yes king.
Though dirty, like a hipar, But then, as it is pleasing, and pushing it under the chest! The king heard the conversation, But he lies, drooping eyes, Hidden, as in an ambush – What else would these b # yadis create foolishly in fantasies? What lick again n # zdischi.
The girls mold the gray nonsense, Reflecting on the dinner – That’s right, the feast today we must Assign us in Tsar Grad.
Let us summon the whole people honestly, Let them devour and spoil.
“) The king will be in him, like a hero with his big cock — We will seat him on the throne, and incite a flock of poisonous fish.
Sheremetev will send them, There, under Khimki, their gathering.
Immediately, they will undress the king. And they will appear as Venus — All in garters and stockings, On high heels, Under shorts everything is shaved So that it is sewn-covered.
Tits can be dismissed Or with palms to cover, But, so that all sexy lips Be hidden under fur coats.

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After – a friendly round dance. Around the king – while not in the mouth, Only gently with your fingers. Smooth the royal crotch.
But, as elda rears up —That is readiness number two, Depart by a quarter x # I, In vain n # I do not risk it.
There all b # yadi – young, It’s too early for them such a cock.
Today we have tasted all the best, But to others – barely in strength.
But so far – not an intermission, the contact is approaching – The soloist appears – A cool sadist, In the skin, with a whip and a whip, In a mask, with a bright red mouth.
Hips to the sides shaking, Offers a cup of tea.
The king, trusting in his soul, Leans her head – But in the ass He gets a whip instead of tea.
The king, of course, is indignant — Was it for nothing that Gnidon was baptized? And he grabs this bitch, Putting his hand between her legs.
That is what awaits it — and Elda is put in his mouth — They creep into a silent scene — It will only be appreciated by an expert.
X # nd in the teeth, hand in p # here.
Avant-garde or eSMe? Well, and then it will be easier – the king n # zdu razdit hand, X # nd tucked deeper into the mouth.
the final turn — the red-haired “sadist” Turns into a “masochitsa” —The king bangs her head in the forehead, But lightly, just to Hint – it’s time to take it, girl, boldly.
A round dance is dancing again, And an honest people sings – “Glory to E # Horus Gnidon, We eat without condoms.
Girl in leather underpantsAnd sitting on the royal groin, Shakes yelda, shaking breasts, And zolupu rubs his lips, Taking the whole trunk in his mouth, Pleasing the royal stake.
The king, pleased with the blowjob, Enjoys the ballet —Stand of the little b-yo Pants dance of the swans — So their legs are lifted up And n # the zidyshchim shine, The spectators have risen, like pillars, The muzzles are like from a hot bath.
In general, all the people in Nirvana.
Here the act comes to an end — the king could not stand the contact.
Sprinkles sperm right, left – Until the people have no business.
Touche, salute, b # poisonous flowers — All from Moscow City Hall — Red Square cheers, Admiration for the royal family.
After this intermission – the king goes to write a contract: Vodka, beer – all descendants, Oil and gas I give to scum.
Right now, let’s skip one by one, and decide how to deal with Chechnya.
And incest is not a hindrance to us, But the joke is for

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the laughter.
But, for now, that’s enough, sh-sha.
Where are the shpiens here from the USA? Report immediately to Bush, That my friend is Sanya in the Pushcha.
The act of the second – almost without words, Based on our dreams: Tsar, all around are the same faces, Plus – e # teaching the girl. Lady live sex cam.

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