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The masseur’s hand completely went out, the index finger moved aside, and sharply stuck into the anus.
In this case, the remaining three freely plunged again into the vagina.
And again a nice race.
Delivering such pleasure, such a fountain of unforgettable pleasant sensations, and Lerochka in her heart thanked her master for such a paradise gift.
Simultaneous massaging of the walls of the vagina and the anus literally turned her inside out in anticipation of the royal orgasm.
Groans, incredible body bends were thrown out by a mighty wave.
The walls of the vagina and anus contracted with unprecedented strength and speed.
Lera pushed her pelvis, in anticipation of the coming bliss.
Twitching her ass, she moaned loudly, and then screamed at all like a wounded roe.
Her body convulsed, legs straightened like strings, so that for an instant they hung in the air and then fell down.
Lera experienced one of the strongest orgasms in her life.
This orgasm lasts a very long time, forever remaining in the memory of a woman.
At this point, Alexander felt like a true sovereign lord ward

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Through her, he felt on himself all this mad storm raging inside his patient.
His hand was literally flooded with her discharge, and this greatly softened the unceasing movements.
No disharmony, only pleasant experiences overwhelmed a married woman.
Her pussy and ass got such affection, which she had not even dreamed of before.
A stormy orgasm weakened a tired body, and yet there was no sexual intercourse yet.
In principle, it is better that there should not be any more, it is impossible to overcome the obtained satisfaction.

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The movements of the masseur stopped, but the fingers remained in the vagina and anus.
The last convulsive waves passed through the body of Lerochka, and she fell exhausted on the couch, crushing her breasts.
Seeing all this, the master did not dare to force his depraved patient to please his sticking member.
He understood that for her there exists only a husband who waits, does not wait for pleasures from her.
And his time has not come yet.
After returning home, and having satisfied her sexual need, Lera could not ignite her husband’s wandering fantasies.
Behavior towards her husband has become even more dry and slightly harsh.
His desires prevailing over a healthy mind, inexorably demanded the receipt of return from his faithful.
A tool sticking out between the legs was eager to dive into a warm and moist hole.
Horny man ripped off her panties with his faithful and began to squeeze the coveted pussy.
He did not resort to preliminary caresses and tried to seize it instantly, directing his weapon into the hot belly.
Lera understood that she should not resist against such a rush of passion from her lover, but she could not do anything with herself.
A little restraint and patience on his part would not hurt what had begun that night, but he had already moved on to decisive actions, imagining in her place the most desirable companion of life.
They finished the act as quickly as they started, and were already snorting under their breath, turning to each other! rugu back.
Feeling the cold in their relationship, and especially the approaching of the wedding, Roman more and more began to think about her virgin Nastya.
Understanding that the years go by, and he never once tasted, his desires and fantasies grew rapidly with each passing day.
At some point he made up his mind and published his profile on several dating sites.
Often I looked through the forms of girls, especially those with whom my interests coincided.
Once I found a woman’s profile, a switch.
When viewing her photos a member rose.
I especially liked where she was, her name was Sveta, the girl wrote in her mouth, and the girl masturbated herself at that moment, and the photo where Sveta fucked the same girl in the ass.
As I understood, it was her partner, as she met a couple. Indian top nude model.

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