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Playing with a ruler, she approached us.
The girls behind us tried with might and main, kneading our

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limbs, but it seemed to me that now my body would not bend any force.
Larissa, too, was fascinated by the scene.
Leading start with me.
The ruler lay on my dick from above, forcing it to stretch out strictly parallel to the floor, and for a moment it froze, pressed to it by fingers.
The viewers froze.
– Twenty-five centimeters and two millimeters! – loudly sounded throughout the hall.
Everything around me was loudly clapping, applause, whistling and shouting.
I did not believe my ears.
Wow! It turns out that two millimeters more than I thought.
Apparently, it was not exactly measured at the time of my stormy youth.
Or my dick grew up after his countless adventures.
I liked the second version of the explanation much more.
Meanwhile, a member of my neighbor pulled out almost twenty-four centimeters.
He was also congratulated and presented with a consolation prize – a block of pornocassettes and the right to visit our club for six months free of charge.
He also left the stage and I was left in her proud loneliness.
“According to our conditions, you can choose for your favorite entertainment any woman from the audience, around whose neck a pink bandage is a sign that she is not against it,” the presenter sang in a ringing voice and coyly glanced to my lower belly.
Apparently, she herself would not mind being among them.

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I found the eyes of Larissa.
She was not wearing a pink dressing, but she nodded her head slightly to me.
I saw the hand of one of her card partners already under her mini-skirt.
Behind me they put on a loincloth, and I, going up to the edge of the stage, jumped into the hall.
I was still separated from him by thin steel rails, and I walked along with him, examining the women in front of me.
They all seemed insanely seductive to me because of their semi-naked arms, legs, shoulders and breasts.
Some made quite frank inviting gestures, thrust out tongues and teasingly performed them on the lips, lifted the already frank miniskirts and dresses.
I also wanted something such, exotic and, if possible, the younger, the better.
Therefore, when I saw a tall, luxurious, swarthy Asian, slightly plump, but with gorgeous semicircles of her breasts, luxurious black hair, and dark, oil-gleaming eyes, I did not hesitate a single minute.
The crowd applauded my choice with approving shouts.
Leading my darling by the hand, I went up with her back to the stage.
During this time, I learned that you can call her Lin, that she is 19 years old and she is madly in love with anal sex, but her lover has a mini-size, and therefore she never tried a real member.
In addition, she did not fit in my head, as a member can be as thick as mine, and she seems to have difficulty holding herself in order not to rip the loincloth from me.
Pleased that our attachments coincided (it will be necessary later to find out if she likes to be punishing or punishable – I said to myself), I told those present, not without pleasure, that now Lin will try the biggest member in his life.
The crowd has once again erupted with loud applause and shouts, immediately the stage was lit even more brightly, and in the hall, on the contrary, it was turned down.
At my request, an X-shaped armchair was carried onto the stage.
On his crosses there were a lot of devices for fixing arms and legs, and the seat was convex and was intended to lay on his stomach, raising his buttocks high.
While it was installed, I quickly agreed with Lin about the second meeting at my place. Husband wife sex live.

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