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She was so much that she began to flow out of his wife’s pussy, pouring her ass.
The growling of F and the moans of Lena must have been heard on the first floor of the hotel.
Finally, F stopped beating in an orgasm and lay down, breathing heavily, on Lena, removing her legs from her shoulders.
It was time for me to “come home.”
On cotton feet, I somehow climbed onto my balcony, opened the front door of the room and slammed loudly.
Behind the wall heard! squeaks of bed and smooth movements.
Five minutes later Lena knocked on the door.
She slightly brought herself up, that is, somehow combing her hair.
I immediately drew her to me, kissing her swollen lips.
My hand fell on the inner side of her thigh and began to rise to the perineum.
The entire surface of the thigh, starting from its middle, was covered with thick sperm.

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The higher I climbed, the more sperm was on the way.
When I stuck my hand into Lena’s panties, there was just some kind of swampy swamp from the sperm, which all continued to flow out of my wife’s ruined and swollen pussy.
You saw it all? – asked Lena.
I nodded.
Are you happy? Highly! – I replied.
I have never experienced such a thrill.
I think that F had never experienced anything like that either, ”said Lena.
“He finished so hard that I even felt streams of his sperm on my womb,” Lena said.
“By the way, F said that he had not finished his program yet,” said Lena slyly.
– He said that I still have a sweet mouth and a charming ass.
What do you say to that? I will say that he is right and that we will invite him to visit.
So ended this our joint business trip.
A couple of hours later, the plane took me away from my freshly fucked, and as it turned out, my pregnant wife, home.

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To be continued.
– I am obsessed with sex! I want to make love every minute, every second! – Madeleine cried out in a rush and added: – I want sex! The psychologist was obviously a bit tense.
He was first treated with such.
strange questions.
For all twenty years of work in a successful clinic, to the forty-year-old Anton L’vovich with what problems they did not address: the husband changes, the wife lost interest, the children do not study well.
Anton L. helped all practical advice.
But the lady who came to the reception today was a real nonsense for the psychologist.
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