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Your sick Malfoy family should fuck each other not to spoil normal people.
– Frozenform! shouted Draco.
The blue beam struck Tonks, she returned to her usual form with a groan, and could no longer change it.
“Yes, I know that spell,” said Draco angrily.
“You’re locked in your usual look, werewolf bedding.”
You can only change the size of your holes for fucking.
True, this spell feeds on your own magic, so that you are threatened with magical exhaustion, but I, frankly, fuck it.
Hey, freaks, come to me! Pervert and Mongrel reluctantly threw the gryffindorke by mouth and jumped off their faces.
Hermione and Ginny tried to catch their breath – reddened, with bulging eyes, with some yellow-white blotch on their lips.
They stuck out their tongues and began to scrape with their fingers, trying to remove the disgusting taste of the domovik’s discharge.
– Freaks, shut this pink-haired whore with your mouth – at the same time! Let him decide whether your members taste better than werewolf cock.
Pervert and Mongrel pounced on Tonks.
She tried to close her mouth, but Pervert snapped her fingers and Tonks jaw dropped.
– Hermione, Ginny, hold on, do not sign counter.
– Tonks had time to shout, but then Mongrel shoved his cock covered with yellow slime to her right cheek.
Immediately Pervert began to squeeze his stinky cock to her left cheek.
To keep her lips from breaking, Tonks had to make them wider – Pervert’s cock fit, and the pink-haired witch’s mouth was wide-spread on two dicks.
The heads of elven members bulged through the witch’s cheeks, giving Tonks a slight resemblance to a hamster.
xxx Hermione and Ginny looked at Tonks sympathetically – they knew how she smelled to her now.
At the same time, they were glad that now they do not have to suck little houses.

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Joy was short lived.
“Lady, you have learned well how to get your pussies and asses up, although you don’t really like this job,” Malfoy said.
“But I am generous and fair, so it’s time for you to fuck someone.”
This woman is fucking worse than you.
While you were selling pussy, she fucked with your guys.
It’s time for her to pay you back.
“It hurts us that Harry and Ron cheated with her, but that doesn’t mean that we want revenge,” Hermione began.
Malfoy waved his wand.
Hermione froze.
Her skin became as if plastic, the outlines smoothed out, and she began to shrink.
She fell and turned into a brown dildo – a

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vibrator, the top of which was made in the form of a miniature head of Hermione.
Ginny screamed and rushed for the exit.
Malfoy’s spell overtook her and also turned her into a figure dildo – a redhead, with a top in the form of Ginny’s head.
Malfoy took both dildos and slowly walked over to Tonks.
She groaned and wheezed, sucking at once two elf members like lollipops behind both cheeks.
But only now Draco saw fear in her eyes.
“Get ready, cousin, after that you will only be able to walk for long periods of time,” Malfoy warned.
Tonks screamed from the pain through her mouth clogged with smelly limbs when Malfoy began to squeeze Dildohermion between the sex lips of a pink-haired witch into her sensitive vagina.
The mooing became much louder when Malfoy began screwing Dildojinnie’s head through the narrow sphincter ring into Tonks’ virgin anal.
Slowly, centimeter by centimeter, but inexorably rigid plastic stretched the vagina and Tonks anus, causing great pain.
Tonks sobbed and gave up – she tried to relax and widen both her holes.
The deceptive body of the metamorph complied, and Hermione and Ginny slipped into the pussy and Tonks asshole, filling it as never before.
– Very good.
And now – a little bigger! – commanded Malfoy.
Tonks’ eyes widened in amazement and agony when the dildos inside her began to expand.
Malfoy laughed.
Today, important things were waiting for him, drastic changes, and this rape was just a warm-up.
Hogwarts slaves could not even imagine what Draco and Lucius prepared for them.
The waves were not quietly rustling, the weather failed in the current expedition.
Everyone was nervous that we could not find anything interesting this time.
Sitting in my cabin, I thought about work, suddenly knocked on the door with shouts: Adeline, open !!! I walked to the door and opened it; my friend, a scientist amateur Lord Mends, was standing outside the door. Hot sex hd live.

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