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I am waiting for the execution of the sentence imposed on me by my wife! Nearby they stand in a large bucket and get wet long rods.
On the back of the chair there is a wide leather belt with a heavy metal buckle! I am doomed, I patiently wait for a terrible punishment, because my wife so decided.
And the thing is that my wife is a bitch! She’s beautiful.
she has a sporty figure, beautiful and very strong legs, powerful thighs and a stunning ass and beauty, high breasts, but a bitch, there is a bitch.
! I, like an idiot, fell in love with her a year ago and began to seek her hand.
Everyone told me not to go there, even because she was taller than me (she is 175 cm tall.)
, and I have 165) and physically she is stronger than me, because for a long time she was engaged in athletic gymnastics. But, as they say, love is evil.
! And I got my way.
As a result, I first flogged my wife on the morning after the wedding! You see, I did not give her coffee in bed! And then I just decided, while she was still not awake, to quietly smoke in the kitchen, and to dream about my accomplished happiness.
So I spent about twenty minutes.
Suddenly the door to the kitchen abruptly opened my wife and strongly jumped toward me.
She was in a short tunic, without panties, with her hair loose! In her hand she held my leather belt.
folded in two! “Dickhead,” she screamed.
– Are you not understand that I had to immediately give me coffee !!!! “And you dare sit here and fool around.”
well, now you will understand how I will educate you.
!!! With these words, she punched me in the face, then pulled me from the stool to the floor, and then he kicked me in the side, then again, in my stomach! I was shocked by such an attack.
I fell to the floor and did not voluntarily beg her to come to my senses! I tried to get up when I was already on all fours, she deftly jumped to me, and squeezed my head between my legs! Tightened tightly, clasping my neck, his powerful hips! And then he began to fight me with a belt over my bare ass.

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She flogged me about ten minutes, flogging skillfully and very cruel! She paid no attention to my cries, nor to my plea for forgiveness! With each blow, she beat me more and more violently, increasing the rate of whipping! About five minutes after the start of the execution, I felt a lot of moisture on my neck.
, and after a few more minutes, when I already thought that I would die of burning intolerable pain, she suddenly started shaking and squeezed my thighs and head against my thighs so much that I began to lose consciousness.
! I realized that she had experienced a strong orgasm that lasted fifteen twenty seconds !!! Then she opened her thighs, and I collapsed on the floor at her beautiful legs! She with bliss on her face sat on a stool and took a cigarette from a pack, with pleasure she smoked! And I vyporoty and roaring, like a kid punished for misdemeanor, lay at her feet! I was very sick and ashamed at the same time! I was humiliated and destroyed.
! I could not get up, I could not look at her eyes! God, I was just cruelly whipped, my newlywed wife !!!! She whipped me off as an un-obedient boy, and she also enjoyed it so much !!!! I realized that I actually died! I lay and frankly crying.
At this time, she finished smoking and bending down to me quietly put out a cigarette butt on my wet neck, by surprise, I shouted a good foul language.
“Shut up, you creature!” She shouted, “You have no idea what I will do with you for the purpose of upbringing, I will either constill you to death, or I will

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make you a man – !!! With these words, she stood over me !! “Roll onto your back immediately,” she ordered.
I executed the order.
So – as I didn’t want to experience her wrath more on myself! “Now open your mouth wickedly,” she ordered.
I executed the order.
– Now I will do what from now I will always do, I will write to you in your mouth! “And if you miss even a drop, I’m carving you to a pulp!” I could not believe what they heard.
did she really do it, but at that moment, she quickly sat down with her beautiful booty on my face !!! I opened my mouth wider, as I understood that she was not joking about punishment.
She deftly covered my mouth with her pussy and immediately began to write! I did not think about anything except tog, how I could manage to swallow everything! I started to drink her nectar greedily! It lasted all twenty seconds! When she finished I heard.
“Quickly pull me up with your tongue, freak!” I began to lick her crackle vividly, I felt that she was immediately excited. Hidden sex video online mobile.

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