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Irina wanted a whipping.
– Like? – asked Alex.
– Yes, Boss – answered Irina.
Irina did not let go of the look from the back girlfriend.
Red, almost purple stripes.

She has just been whipped.
– Go make an enema – ordered Alex.
Olga began to beg not to do this.
– Want fifty? – No, Boss – Olga whined.
Crawled from the room.
Alex returned to Irina.
In his hand was a long stick with a rubber member at the end.
– I want to know more about you – he smiled – his mouth is wider.
Irina complied.
Alex began to fuck her with a stick in his mouth.
Irina gasped, lowed.
– A good sip – he praised.
Walked behind.
Sharply inserted a stick into the vagina of a woman.
Irina screamed.
– How old is a cow? Irina hardly answered.
She flowed, moaned.
How humiliating.
You fuck with a stick and ask questions.
Irina flowed.
And before the eyes was Olga.
Flogging Olga.
A little more and Irina covered orgasm.
The woman nearly fainted.
Alex pulled a stick out of it.
Threw on the floor.
The woman groaned.
He did not even take her as a man.
A stick is suitable for her.

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Olga returned.
Alex took her hair.
Wound them on the hand and raised the woman.
Olga groaned.
– Open your mouth.
Olga complied.
Alex has become rude to have her in her mouth.
The woman gasped, drooling from her mouth.
Irina moaned again.
All this time they have been doing this only with her.
Now they do it with Olga.
Alex threw Olga on the floor.
– Ass! Groaning, Olga stood backwards.
Alex brought anal lubrication.
Brushing two fingers, he rudely put them in the ass of a woman.
Olga moaned loudly.
– You seem to deprive you of anal virginity every time – the man laughed.
Irina groaned.
She realized that Olga did not like anal.
But dogs, like cows, are not asked.
Alex put his dick in the ass Olga.
Became rude to have her.
Olga moaned.
Irina thought her friend was crying.
– Cow, are you watching? – asked Alex.
– Yes, Master.
– Is she your Mistress? – Alex laughed – tell me who you are – he hit Olga on the bottom.
– I am your dog, the owner, your squirrel, your whore.
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