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When you shook and ass came in circles, I realized that you were on the way.
It was at this moment that I broke away from you and our guest with all his might planted his dick, dear to be honestly frightened.
I didn’t even understand what it was, your moan mixed with a scream or a scream mixed with a moan.
The guest immediately took a sharp pace of fucking and I began to calm down when your moans became more distinct and you began to throw up on the bed under the powerful pushes of the guest.
Blya such can be seen only in the most hard porn and that not in everyone.
I grabbed the camera again and continued recording, trying to shoot everything from different angles, trying to capture all the most rewarding moments when his dick penetrated you, especially deeply pulling out of you voluptuous moans.
The guest decided not to have a lot of fun and handcuffed, he understood you to him because of what you had to bend pretty steeply.
This is where the real jump began.
I moved and sat down in front of you to take off your lustful face that the dark bandage could not hide before your eyes.
If you saw your face at that moment, especially in those moments when a member of the guest flew into you especially deeply.
This pizdets as curled me, dear, because you do not even know his name and do not even know his name.
now I understand that women feel when they do not know or simply don’t remember who the fuck them and it’s not important whether you are drunk or in a club, the main thing is that this is not real adrenaline.
Putting the camera on the table, I grabbed your head with both hands and passionately stuck to your lips.

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You know that I do not really like kissing, but at that moment I was ready to kiss and lick you to death, you gave me the most secret dream that I could only dream of today.
We kissed, and I felt the thrusts of our guest

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through your lips as he fucked you and most importantly as fuck ??? !!! Like the real whore, as it is necessary to fuck these married whores.
With one hand, I unzipped my fly and pulled you towards my dick, who had long been eager to meet your lips.
With my second hand, I reached for the camera and started shooting, moving my hips rhythmically while moving my hips into your damn mouth.
Your mouth stretched by my penis rises and falls almost to the very base from very strong thrusts from behind.
And this added a special charm to our games. Yes, this moment is worthy of keeping it in the memory of the camera.
My dear, as a man, when I cannot understand what a woman feels when she fucks well, but looking at you and listening to your moans that were transmitted to me by the vibrations through the penis, I can probably make up a picture of your feelings.
in order to strengthen the sensations, I will add my movements to you in the throat so that everyone from this would feel good, especially to you.
Feel like I go deep into your fucking mouth.
I had a crazy thought at that moment.
A member of our guest is more or less than that of the driver, about whom you told me something like that.
Well, the very one who quite a while ago, even long before our relationship, gave you a lift and then very long and hard fucked you half the night on the hood of your car, at the club’s yachts near TsPKiO.
Interestingly, and he drove you into his mouth also powerfully finished, I just think that your stories are one thing, but what I first saw today was above all my praises.
I suddenly began to remember all your fucking guys who were before me and understood why you are such a slut.
and I understood why I never had a soul to others.
Perhaps Mrs. Fate planted us for nothing at the same school desk and it was not for nothing that she then scattered us for almost ten-odd years.
I understood why everything became so.
Fate prepared us for each other, you as a whore for a husband, and me as a loving husband. Chaturbate free cam.

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