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I lay back and tried to get comfortable, which was difficult, given the abrasions from the belt.
Natalya Petrovna came up and stood over me.
– Open your mouth.
– She commanded.
I immediately executed the order, and she began to sit on my face.

– I warn you, everything that you spill, you then merge from the floor, moreover, I will punish you for this.
She sat me with her slit right on the face, and began to write.
At first it was a thin trickle, it filled my mouth and I began to swallow, but the pressure was getting stronger, and I did not have time, a little urine was spilled on the floor.
When Mistress finished, I licked urine from her cunt.
She got up, and again sat on the sofa, I wanted to get up to get out the urine from the floor, but Lena ordered me to lie down.
– Mom, can I try that too? – asked Lena.
“Well, of course, this is your slave, do what you want with him.”
– Replied Natalia Petrovna.
Lena got up, came up to me and sat down, sitting comfortably on my face, and began to write, she had a weaker and more pleasant taste than her mother, I simply swallowed her.

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Also letting me lick her urine off, Lena got up.
– You still spilled a little on the floor, quickly lick.
– Natalya Petrovna ordered.
I got on my knees and licked urine from the floor, at that time Lena and Natalya Petrovna began to dress.
When they put on outerwear, Natalya Petrovna said: “Get out of here.
We have to leave, be ready to come on the first call. ”I wanted to get dressed, but they didn’t let me do this, throwing my things on the landing, and forcing me to go out into the stairwell naked.
They followed, got into the elevator and drove away.
I quickly got dressed and went on foot.
I still had to endure a lot of humiliations, serving my Mistresses, but that’s another story.
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