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Here I intervened.
– Get away from her.
See does not want.
I pulled my aunt Lena from balding.
“Why didn’t you protect your mother like that?” He grinned.
– We are now hard fucked.
– This is yes, – the men confirmed, passing by us in a line, – your mother is a rare whore.
– Do not miss, Nataha, – shouted the last, leaving man.
– Soon we will come, we will not worry about mom.
– Farewell, Lenok, – he winked at the aunt, passing by, and managed to pinch her by the thigh.
“I’ll go see them off,” said the aunt and followed the men.
They squeezed her slightly and began to go out into the porch.
I went to the bed.
Mother in a semi-conscious state lay on her back.
Face red, filled with sperm.
On tits red traces of palms. Chaturbate bongacams myfreecams.

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