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Slaves crawled into the room, the Lady sat on the chair, holding a stack.
She turned to the slave: For so long, whore, you collected him.
Lizka already deserved punishment for her nasty tongue, and you will be punished for sluggishness.
Madam I collected it, as quickly as possible.
Catherine rose from her chair, walked over to the slave, and hit her face with her boot with all her strength.
As you creature, you dare to talk with me, maybe I can sew up your lousy mouth.
And she struck a blow to the belly of a slave.
From the first blow, Mashka flew a tooth and blood splashed out of her mouth, noticing this, the Mistress came.
still in great rage.
Animal, you dared to smudge the floor in my room with your rotten blood, this will not work for you.
She called Olga.

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Take this fucking into the basement, hang it up and properly, beat it with a lash with a metal thread, deliver as many blows as you see fit and report to me about it.
If you deliver less blows than this abomination deserves, or more, thereby, having exceeded your authority, you will be punished.
Take this bitch out of my sight, and she kicked the writhing body again and again.
Olga took the slave by the hair and dragged her to the basement.
Oh, you wipe the blood from the floor with your fucking tongue, ”she turned to Lizka.
Well, that horse ride now.
It’s a pity that the workers are working on the street, we’ll do nothing around the house, at the same time I’ll check how my slaves maintain order.
The slave squatted down, the Mistress grabbed the bridle, put her foot in the stirrup and quickly rose on Nikolai’s shoulders, sat down in the saddle.

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Having settled down comfortably in the saddle, she tugged at the reins, the slave felt sharp spurs digging into his sides.
You can go up.
The slave carefully rose from his knees with his precious burden.
The lady was not full and weighed not so much, but still her weight was felt on Nikolai’s neck.
Yes, and Nicholas was neither an athlete nor a bodybuilder, but simply an ordinary person.
Mrs. pulled the bridle and the whole body of a slave, pierced simultaneous severe pain.
The rings, into which the straps were threaded, pulled the body parts they were attached to, the nipples and ears were especially painful, and when the Mrs jerked the bridle, it rose and touched the spikes.
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