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Behind your ears, anxiety will knock, but you will definitely agree to a meeting that promises a pleasant acquaintance with my most experienced lover and mad, insane, insane sex.
I think you are already in the taste and ready to use my long-suffering body to satisfy your own curiosity.
Anyway, he is no stranger.
Okay, not the first time.
What is to be with a man? Very soon you will find out.
8 The flow of passengers subsided.
Subway deserted.
From the speed with which the train is carried away from the “Theater” lays ears.
The excitement is spreading, an unbearable jitters come.
Here is the Paveletskaya.
You look around uneasily.
Although why? You don’t care.
you do not know him, and at home there is not a single male photograph, only mine.
I love myself more.
I am prettier.
A young man, about twenty years old, quickly comes up to you.
Glasses in an elegant frame, a strict dark suit with a tie, cloth coat – in a word, an absolute intellectual.
Hi, Dusik! How do you? – he gently touches your lips and takes his hand.
I know your masculine nature will resist and fight back, but try to listen to the body.

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It is already ready to bend under the caresses of a well-known person.
A tickling sensation is born again between the legs.
Do not worry that you see it for the first time, this also has its own special thrill.
So, I confess: when we first had sex with him, we too were strangers, but quickly made up for this annoying omission along the way.

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The fact that you are a little scary is normal.
In a way, this is your first time today.
First time with a man.
Yes, and in the quality (in the body!) Women.
I promise you a sea of ??fresh emotions! The front door creaked and slammed shut behind her back.
Do not be afraid, it is useless.
There is no way back.
His hands powerfully fall on your waist, dragging you into the kitchen.
A cup of coffee, a strong cigarette, and he already presses you to him, picks up his hands and carries him into the room.
Blackout curtains create a greenish twilight.
You find yourself pressed to the bed laid out, a stupor falls on you.
According to statistics, girls rarely caress their loved ones, so you should not worry about activity.
Try to relax and have fun.
He will do everything himself.
You’ll see, you’ll like it.
You stay in jeans alone.
He strokes your long blond hair, putting his second hand under your back.
Gently blows in your ear.
Finds your hard, almost coarse lips, you should lingering kiss, like falling into the abyss.
It’s not time to choke – this is not the worst option.
Some also saliva will be poured in such a way that it will not find it.
A lover will shower your neck and face with kisses, gently lick and suck on his breasts, his tongue will walk to the most appetizing mole near the navel and go back.
You feel how his erect member rests on your hip.
His body is already burning with the fire of desire.
You are struck on the chest with a scorching cold metal of the Maltese falcon, which after a moment becomes unbearably heated, sandwiched between your inflamed bodies.
Admit it, you want it.
You care about his gender, you got used to the female body.
Tell him, tell him how much you crave an invasion, press him with a burning body, put your lips up for a kiss.
Let him finally fill an unbearable pulling void.
You have no more clothes.
You are defenseless in front of your partner, in front of his eyes, in front of your desires.
Now, because you don’t even have a member to take an active role (the best defense is attack, right?).
But he has something sticking out of his pants that vaguely resembles the proud peaks of the Caucasus. Buy womens sex toys online.

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