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He did not know what to do or how to act.
After all, his house is almost near, there is a mother, a sister.
And – on the other hand – the one who rescued him, who loved him, who considered himself his father, swims away to the ship.
The captain on the ship committed atrocities, he began to drive the team, for dirt on the deck, for drunkenness – in general, for everything.
He did not sleep all night, and in the morning he had to swim away – the rumor had passed that a squadron of royal warships was coming and by lunchtime they should pass by.
It was necessary to give the ends.
The morning was not happy.
Captain no no, yes, look in the direction where he spent his Johnny.
But there was nobody there.
The sight of the deserted shore caused a heartache to the captain.
– Moor! – commanded the captain – Give a sail – Roy shouted! A strong wind blew, a southwest woman flew off the captain’s head, and, falling into the sea, swam to the shore.
The ship picked up speed.
The captain once again looked to the side, floating away his hat.
Oh my God! A guy ran along the shore and waved his hand in the direction of the sailing ship.
– Give anchor! – what is urine, shouted the captain.

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– Pull down the whaleboat! Roy, ran up to the captain: – Sir, on the horizon is the royal squadron! – Spit, Roy! Go ashore! Pick up a guy and – quickly.
The captain himself began to row.
Yes, it was Johnny.
He stood on the shore and waved his hand.
Whaleboat poked on the shore.
The captain jumped out to meet the young man.
– Johnny, my baby! Johnny threw himself into the arms of his own, only, surviving, close to him person.
The ship was gaining speed.
At the stern, embracing, stood two sea captains.
On the mast in the wind fluttering a black flag.
Revision 05.
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“When I fell in love, I couldn’t do anything about it.
It was a girl ,.
very beautiful girl.
It happened

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on the colonized planet Caesar-8, on this very planet.
Ted and Polina and I then left the spaceport to air out, buy ice cream and get some fresh air, Polina chirped something over her ear, Ted answered her teasing me, and then I saw her.
And I could no longer go anywhere.
It was as if I was electrocuted, but then I didn’t know what it meant.
I was scared.
Yes, it was then – for the first time – I got scared.
Although cyborg seems to be unknown fear.
Like love.
“Dan kept a figure of a goddess hewn out of black stone at his very lips, and uttered to her what was in his heart.
As if she could hear, as if she could support or respond.
But who knows ?.
The earthlings brought with them a multitude of cults, including pagan ones, and even more they were invented here, having absorbed the local beliefs of the Caesars.
Most likely, this statuette of a woman with hypertrophied forms depicted the Great Mother – the guardian of destinies and the goddess of fertility. Brother sister cam sex.

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