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“Lord! My prayer reached you, you heard it, and gave me wise advice, sent me on the right path, did not let me make a mistake.
And here I, your faithful slave, irrigate your little creation with tears of happiness, ”Lina happily whispered, sincerely believing that she sent the child to her, like the Virgin Mary used to be, God, as if Oleg really was not here than.
Fathers and stepmother with the advent of the child seemed to be transformed, treated him well, and they changed their attitude to Lina.
And Oleg could not get enough of his son.
He did everything for Lina, for Lina, for the baby, and he could not wait for that moment when it would be possible to adopt, as he said, “for making a girl”.
Not having noticed such jokes behind him before, Lina was amazed.

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Her Oleg, who once a week entered her, as if in a dining room, without joy, without trepidation, of necessity, now waits, cannot wait for this happy moment.
And when this moment came, both of them experienced such divine pleasure, for the sake of which they had to endure that wedding night, and Nelya, and Klava, and Larissa, and Semyon Pavlovich, and even a night in the refrigerating chamber.
All troubles happen always out of time.
I don’t mean a broken heel or a torn stocking.
It goes without saying.
I am talking about large and important things that should not have happened and that cannot be foreseen.
In a completely relaxed state, it falls on you, and bang! – everything, there is no former rest and comfort.
Just awful.
The accident was a complete surprise for me, for the family of Vadik and, of course, for himself.

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And it became quite bad for everyone when we learned how severe the injuries he received.
And he did not drive his motorcycle so fast, and there was enough light, and it didn’t even smell like rain — but even he didn’t tell how he drove into this completed post.
How did I do it ?!
– These were the first words we heard from him in the hospital.
It was the turn to introduce us.
So: Vadik’s mom, for whom I was always a slut, his dad, who often tried to flirt with me, even pinched a couple of times for his ass, and I, myself.
His girlfriend.
Actually, is it ?.
The fact is that we just peacefully agreed to break up a week before the accident.
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