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Here? (Mom timidly feeling her stomach) – Yes, it pulls here, but it hurts just below.
– Well, well, Mr. patient.
Then I ask you to lie down.
I lay on my back and completely threw off the blanket, completely forgetting that the member was petrified in the morning strut.
Mom looked from the belly to the groin for a second and continued to inspect.
– Let’s see what you have below it hurts.

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She lowered her pants with me so that the crimson head looked out.
– God, what a huge one.
It’s clear why it hurts here.
I suppose to lie down.
Then she gently took my balls in her hand and lifted them to inspect the base of the penis.
– Hmm.
I can not consider.
It was still very early and the room was rather dark.
– Let me turn on the light while you roll over on your stomach and stand on all fours. I interrogated my eyes and didn’t believe my ears, which she only confirmed.
– Come on, come on.
Simulator – Here! So much better and everything is immediately visible, now we will quickly put you on your feet and collect you to college.
She came up behind me and started looking at something there, holding me by the thigh with one hand.
After that, she came very close to my dangling dick and grabbed him with her second hand and began to turn it left and right.
– Blah.
Not seen not a damn thing! (she swore) – I think I know how to look at you better.
– Maaaa, come on.
Already it does not seem to hurt, let me get dressed and we will go.
I’ll be late for my studies.

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– Well, no, really, suddenly there you have something serious, now I need to make sure that my baby is completely healthy.
Then she ousted me from the bed with the movement of her hand and lay herself in my place, only with her head down and back.
– Come on, stand up again as it stood, only so that my head was between your legs, I will inspect everything there as it should.
From this sentence, my dick twitched from excessive stress.
I threw my leg over my mother’s head and knelt down, and with my hands I rested on the bed.
Looking down, I asked: – Well, is that better? Everything is seen? “Much better, I’ll make a couple of experiments and make a diagnosis! I felt like my cock twitched and touched my mother’s nose and lips, while she was trying to see something in my bags at that time.
Her warm breath quickened and I felt it on my crotch.
I also felt a drop of grease coming out of the head, which is now dropping directly on my mother.
Trying to get out, she squeezed her hand tightly.
– Stand, I have not finished! A drop of grease leaked out and began to slowly reach over to my mother’s face, a long thread.
Mom, not paying attention, carefully inspected the groin and the sticky substance touched her corner of the lips.
She just rubbed her sponge with two fingers, and notice licked them, said: – Well, I understand everything, it seems you pulled the member’s muscle. She tried not to touch him, but when this happened, the goosebumps ran down her back and her whole body trembled.
Then she grabbed my dick right at the root and started waving it right in front of her face.
– So it does not hurt? (She asked) – No, in my opinion everything was gone (I tried to get out of an awkward position) Then she moved a little closer and started to lash her cheeks and cheekbones with my dick.
– And so? – Maaaa, so a little bit sick.
– Well, well, it means that the edema is not big, in another hour the other will fall.
Deftly, in an instant, she climbed out from under me, while the member proleosil along her entire face leaving a wet mark on her forehead, cheeks and lips, it began to seem to me that she does it on purpose and that she likes it. Best sex ever free online.

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