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She immediately asked for Vadik and me, and since it was a “bath day” (we arranged for such on Wednesdays and Saturdays), she promised to give us the keys to the room where we all washed ourselves from the base so that we would not miss the bath.
And now, after a trip to the base, we two together in the waiting room near the clothes lockers.
I feel how he is all kind of unusually tense, as if waiting for something very scary, where his usual smile and cheerfulness disappeared.
I quickly undressed, folded my clothes and, fleeing to the sink, threw on the move: – I ran.
Come on and you quickly.
In the washroom, I took a basin, filled it with hot water, put it on a wooden couch, and he went to one of the two shower seats and began to “catch the buzz” from the pleasant jets of hot water.
After a minute or two the door opened, and I saw Vadik.
He came undressed to the panties, also poured water into the basin, put it next to mine and came to me in the shower.
– Hi – I said.
– Are you going to swim? Are you shy again? Okay, let’s go to start each other’s back.
When we approached the couch, I ordered: – Bend down, rest your arms, I’ll wash you first.
He obediently obeyed, and I began to soap his back, neck, shoulders, then rubbed the foam with my palms (we didn’t have a washcloth, of course), enjoying the heavenly pleasure of interacting with his smooth, delicate skin.
Emboldened, I shallowly penetrated my hand under the gum of panties and felt a depression between the two buns and right there – a convulsive compression of the vadikina ass.

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– Shy like a girl.
Or maybe you’re a girl? – No, I’m not a girl.
– True? – And then I quickly stuck my second hand under the gum and with the words “and we will check it now!” a sharp movement of both hands lowered swimming trunks to the most vadkiny knees.
He immediately bent even more sharply, convulsively grabbed the edge of the trunks, but I removed his hand and lowered the trunks to the very floor.
Now Vadik stood with his back to me completely naked.
I gently slapped on his ass.
– Step over them.
Let me put them side by side, nowhere are your little panties going anywhere.
– He obediently took a step to the side, and they were in my hands.
From his obedience, I concluded for myself that my actions were not so unpleasant to him, and I decided that it was time to activate them.
– Bend down, continue washing.
And you know better what? – lie down on your stomach on the couch, it will be more convenient.
Curving and covering himself, he fulfilled this request, and again I began to rub his back, ass, legs.
How I wanted to turn his belly up! – but instead I said: – Now go wash in the shower, then wash the back of me.
He looked at me, and in his eyes I again read a prayer and confusion.
– Yes, I will not look at you where you do not want.
Look – I close my eyes and turn away – run under the shower.
He did so and, with his face turned to the wall of the booth, began to wash himself in the shower.
And I, having decided to continue the “offensive”, approached him from behind, hugged my waist and whispered in my ear: “Vadyusha, well

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, don’t hide, please use my beautiful mushroom from me” and gently touched his pisunchik.
Vadik again became tense, bent over and quietly said to me: – Vitya, someone may come in here, the door is not locked, we don’t have to play around.
This “here” made me happy and encouraged (it means that in principle you can indulge, and the whole thing only in an unlocked lock!).
– Well, I’ll go lock the front door lock, and you just look around, do not wear panties. Asian sex watch online.

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