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Two days later, on the way out of school, he was met by his abuser’s elder brother with friends.
No, it could not be called a fight.
They just beat him.
Beat evil in an adult.
But he remembered each of them: He did not say anything to the aunt of the police, who came to his house to find out who had beaten him.
She didn’t really want to know, because the boy he had beaten was the son of the foreman of the factory where his mother worked.
Sitting bandaged at home, he found some kind of book without a cover, in which there were samples of weapons of the ancient Greeks.
He especially liked the sling.
And in the evenings after school, he began to train for a long time in throwing stones and achieved amazing results in this.
Once, on a summer evening, walking through his yard, he saw a company of three guys and a girl.
In the boys he recognized his older brother and his friends who had beaten him, and in the girl he recognized his neighbor on the site, also from a dysfunctional family.
The company saw vodka, and he, hiding, waited in the bushes.
The guys obviously soldered the girl, pouring her much more than herself.
After a while they took her by the arms and led her into the basement of their house.
He sat opposite the door on the street, carefully laid out 4 stones in front of him and waited.
The strip of cloth that replaced his sling was always with him.
After some time, one of the guys went out into the street.
The stone started by a trained hand hit him right in the forehead.
Without a groan, he fell. 3gp sex video play online.

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