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And the fact that they forgave each other, did not mean anything in those moments when dedication, self-sacrifice, full trust, both physical and spiritual, were required.
Lina succumbed to the persuasion of Oleg, and decided to keep the pregnancy.
Citing this, she left the company of their women.
She was understood and did not insist, secretly hoping that she, like Nelia, would return to them after birth.
Living in the dining room flowed as before.
Lina and Semyon Pavlovich had something to be offended at each other, but they had enough reason not to do this, moreover, after the incident, he began to call her his daughter, and when Oleg came to meet Lina from work, he said: Take care of my daughter, do not hurt! On the eve of the birth Lina went to the cemetery, cried on the graves of her parents, consulted with them.

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But even to them she could not tell all that had happened to her.
Then I went to church.
Communion, confession, repent of sins.
She did not want them to pass on to her child.
Batyushka got smart, calm, prudent.
He advised Lina to pray more, ask God for absolution, wisdom not to allow them to continue, and humility: Your rebellious soul lacks humility.
Be meek, submissive, pray more often, and ask the Lord to send you humility, to tame your sinful impulses.
Conquer less, command less, command less, teach less.
Unquestioningly obey fate, often bow your head, and thank God for everything he sent to you, for everything that is around you, because everything is in the power of God, everything is done according to his command, and no one can understand the meaning of what is happening.

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God once gave you life, and made you happy.
God gives life to your child, and so will doubly make you happy.
Lina left him calm and peaceful.
Could she then decide on an abortion? At the appointed time, a boy was born, a small, plump, burly man.
With caution, Lina took him in her arms for the first time.
Can she love him? Will she be his worthy mother after all that was with her? How will Oleg perceive his son? But when the baby, seeing her mother for the first time, bravely took a nipple into her mouth, squeezed it with her lips, and Lina felt the milk, running out of the most distant corners of her breast, rush towards the breast, and relieves internal tension from the whole body, she experienced such extraordinary bliss which did not go to any comparison with the fact that she experienced with Larisa and Klava in the ill-fated pantry.

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