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Downstairs there was a postscript that the data on expelled males would be transferred directly to the draft board.
And what was the army of that era, the reader, of course, knows.
I decided on extreme measures.
I put some amount in the envelope (I don’t remember which one), which I managed to collect from savings and borrow, and went to the exam.
I was alone again on it – all the students from my stream with the sin in half in half passed a long time ago.
Then everything was like in previous times – a ticket, attempts to remember grammatical rules and constructions, my tongue-tied mooing, painful grimaces on Marina Andreevna’s face, a few additional questions that I did not even understand.
“Alas,” she summed up, looking at my helpless physiognomy, “as always.”
Keep a record book.
I got up, climbed into the back pocket of my pants and with a trembling hand I put an envelope on the table.
“But for trying to bribe,” she said calmly, “you will fly out of the institute with such a crash.”
– Marina Andreevna, – I mumbled, – I am ready for anything, just to pass.
– For all? – she squinted, asked with some bad intonation.
– Well, within reason.
Do I have at least a small chance? She was silent for a long time and, it seems to me, was either embarrassed by something, or decided on an important step.
At the same time, that surprised me, she carefully examined me from head to toe, as if appreciating.
“There is one chance,” she said thoughtfully, “are you married?” – No, – I was surprised, – Why? “Nothing,” she shrugged, “she just asked.
Are you ready to try the exam on special conditions? – On what? – Do you know our country base? I nodded.
Our institute, forty kilometers from the city, had a so-called “base”, where biology students looked at something under microscopes, made excursions to a nearby forest to study the flora and fauna.

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During the holidays through the trade union there it was possible to relax inexpensively in forest houses and two-story cottages.
There was also a stadium and all kinds of sports halls, where our institute teams were preparing for competitions.
In addition, there were many kind of hangars, warehouses and buildings, the purpose of which was unknown to me.
“On Sunday at ten in the morning, come there,” the Englishwoman continued, “The examination will take place there.”
– And what will it consist of? – Job.
Hard and perhaps not too pleasant physical work.
If you complete it successfully, so be it, I will meet you and set up a troika.
Do you agree? – Do I have a choice? – Of course.

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Dean’s office and application for expulsion.
– Then I agree.
– Take soap, washcloth, sheet, toothpaste and brush.
And try not to spread.
Strictly speaking, I do not have the right to give you another chance.
– Marina Andreevna, and why all this – toothpaste.
– Do not ask too many questions, otherwise I can change my mind.
– Got it, on Sunday at ten.
– Goodbye.
Envelope pick do not forget.
In front of the main building, my fellow students crowded and nervously smoked.
We shared the news.
They all had one tail in different subjects.
All of their teachers hinted at the “exam on special conditions,” everyone was told about the sheet and soap, all were asked not to gab.
We agreed that they would force them to carry some loads, give them a shower and let them go.
I noticed that there was not a single student here – only guys.
This surprised me because I firmly knew that my classmate and beloved Vicky had a maths tail.
But, on the other hand, girls to work as movers are of little use.
At three minutes past ten on the threshold Nina Stepanovna Pirogova, the deputy dean of our faculty, came out.
– Show everyone the sheet and toothbrush.
The rest can not be shown, – she said loudly.
We lined up, rustled bags and began to pass by it one by one.
– Where is the bed sheet? – I forgot! – I heard a plaintive voice ahead.
– Goodbye.
You did not pass.
– But I can ask a friend! – This is a violation of the rules of hygiene.
Soap or paste can be taken from a friend, and a sheet and brush are required.
You were warned.
This is all about.
Who does not have a sheet or brush – goodbye.
I am waiting for you tomorrow in the dean’s office with a statement of expulsion.
A few people fell out of the queue, foully swearing. Where can i watch masters of sex online.

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