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I didn’t even feel that I was turned over face down, until I unbuttoned my helmet and unceremoniously pulled it off.
Only chaotically gasped for air, forgetting about everything at this moment.
Opening my eyes, I saw the figure of Ike, standing on a half-bent back to me.
Two orcs approached in front of him, also on foot.
They parted to approach Ike from different sides, and he raised his shield, lowered his head and suddenly rushed to one of them.
The second immediately ran to hit Ike in the back.
The orc managed to swing at Ike with the sword from above, Ike hit with

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an ax from left to right – and beat the sword off, but he did not stop, and following the inertia of his blow, he twisted – and his ax with a wet smack and crunch deeply entered the armpit of the orc that ran up behind him who managed to bring his sword to strike.
Ike did not pull out the ax, but screwed up to the starting position – and in time, as he managed to take the first orc’s blow to the shield.
With a shield, he pushed away his arm with a weapon and quickly struck the orc with a flat glove on his face.
The orc recoiled, while Ike picked up the sword of the second orc and swung at them at the first, forcing him to close with a small, leather-covered shield.
Ike did not hit the shield, but with the end of the guard he hooked on the edge of the shield and pulled sharply towards himself, thus opening up the physiognomy of the orc swollen with blood to strike the corner of the shield.
The crunch of a broken bone – and the blow of the broadsword interrupts the life of the green-eyed rascal.
In the meantime, the fight subsided, turning into finishing off the wounded.
Victory! – someone snapped.
Haardad and Zirrax! – fighters roared triumphantly.

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Ike raised his sword in a welcoming gesture.
Then he slowly approached me, unbuttoning and taking off his helmet on the move.
Vidoc I still had that one – a physiognomy, stricken on the very eyebrows, a mad look and a sweaty katun of hair on his head.
Well, you, Dani, give it, – he whistled, wiping mine with a shred of burdock without a shadow of disgust, – you can just choke.
I saw that you had vomit flowing from your sockets, and you were lying down, you didn’t fall down from the saddle yourself – I thought I wouldn’t have time.
I wanted to answer something, but I could not suppress a powerful belch, a consequence of the recent vomiting – Ike already released a burdock.
Dick yourself a gentle elf, fuck, – someone muttered in the silence that prevailed around us.
Several people sulked in dismay, they were supported by the rest, and the battlefield was announced with friendly laughter.
I was ashamed more than ever during the work of a whore.
He shocked, fell off his horse, spat out, otrygnul louder than a drunken troll – it remains only to crap and there will be a complete picture of a gentle elf.
The losses were insignificant – a few lightly wounded, two heavy.
Ike explained this to me by the fact that the orcs, as always, made several tactical blunders – flooded in frontal on heavy horsemen, did not take care of a sufficient number of archers, normal armor, and drill.
Story, fuck, it matters! – Ike proudly spoke, waving his triumphantly during dinner with a half-gnawed pheasant.
It has, has, ”I agreed meekly, ducking, so that the fat remains of the unfortunate birdies would not drive through my face.
To my surprise, after my epic disgrace, the fighters began to treat me better — they nodded in greeting, held a velvet for the bridles (she didn’t run far — got tangled in the reins of the cart) while I was sitting down or dismounting.
Apparently, such an enchanting fall from the image of the lover of the commander himself to the most ordinary distressed elf reconciled them with my presence in the commander’s bed.
Fort Zirrax greeted us with powerful fortified walls, small drizzle and warm rooms.
Soaking in a hot water tub, I was at the peak of my pleasure, imagining how I would quietly and peacefully spend days in the library or in the garden, taking a sip of wine from the capital.
I told the commandant that I had a new concubine, – Ike’s voice made me flinch and open his eyes, – so you’re here now, um, night ruler, gee-gee.
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