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And how funny he set me up.
I stand and I am afraid to breathe – suddenly a cup with hot coffee on my back will turn over.
They met online.
Immediately without an equivocation, they made an appointment, an hour later She got into the car and He drove her home.
We decided to do without visiting cafes and other formalities.
Another half an hour later.
A bachelor apartment, the tart smell of aromatic candles, glasses, where only the smell of brandy remained.
The bed is still made, no, not silk – black satin.
Silk on the sheets – her panties, nothing more on her at this moment.
It’s time to get acquainted.
She is small, fragile, seemingly almost a child, long slender legs, angular body, only developed large breasts make it difficult to give her 12 years.

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In fact, she is 19.
Dark brown curls slightly to the shoulders, childishly sharp facial features contrast with the clear, expressive, though not very large, intelligent eyes that She likes to hide behind long bangs.
It is hard to call her a classic beauty, but of course she is very good.
He is tall, heavy, seemingly under 40.
The blurred body has not lost its strength, which is further emphasized by the relief muscles of the arms and shoulders.
Heavy inexpressive facial features can not be called beautiful, and only natural charm allows him not to be considered a freak.
He is more drunk with her than with alcohol, hot, trying to develop an offensive.
She, as if frightened by such a rapid development of events, suddenly begins to bite, wraps herself in a sheet, pulls away, does not respond to kisses, and reaches for a sweater.

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He saw all this many times, the girl wants to play, and not at all discouraged continues the onslaught, but the girl begins to break out of all (who would have thought, not such insignificant) silenok.
Strongly scratched he hardly stops himself.
It’s hard to understand what a child suddenly wants to do.
Discouraged He gets out of bed, but the temptress grabs his hand, kisses scratches, licks blood drops with a sharp tongue.
As if a grenade exploded in his brain.
He threw it on the bed, tore off her panties from the twisting body, crushed the baby to the mattress, and began to roughly rude her pussy with his hand.
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