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The first fact of my orgasm was noticed by Tengiz: – Look, Katyusha, and I was right: your husband will not last long.
Your golden shower made him pour out with sperm: for some reason, Kate felt cheer from these words: she freed her mouth from her lover’s member and, smiling, in a drunken voice asked me: – What was delicious? – Delicious.
You’re the most delicious, baby.
– You want more? – Of course, I want: – No, you drank it all, the shop is closed, – she pointedly slammed her pussy with her palms and laughed.
Tengiz was delighted with her vulgar joke.
He took a shower, turned on the faucet, and began to pour over Katya and me with cool water: “Now you will be clean as new ones.”
I quickly washed and wiped with a towel, and Tengiz carefully soaped my wife with a foamy washcloth: “You will be clean, smooth, fragrant, like a little girl.”
I will take care of you properly: After wiping off, I asked Tengiz: – Where should I put the towel? – Take it with you.
And go to bed in the living room.
– I mean, go to bed? And you? – You have already done your business, – Tengiz slyly squinted, broke into a smile, – And we still have business with Katya.
You lie down to sleep in the living room on the couch, and Katya and I are on the bed.
The bed is a double bed, so the third one will be superfluous, right, Katya? Katya barely holding herself out

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of laughter said: “True, the third one is superfluous:“ But I don’t want to sleep, ”I tried to argue.

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– Listen, what are you doing as a little boy? – Tengiz has become serious and even a little angry, – You’re drunk, it’s night in the yard.

In bed, you won’t be able to give anything to your wife, but she wants to fuck, don’t you see something? You will only disturb us, and I will do well for her.
Tell him, Katya.
He grabbed her knee painfully and pulled her to him, clumsily pulling out his stiff member from his pants.
Having coped with this, he with an effort pushed Katkina’s legs apart and pulled her towards him and downwards, trying to seat her on a rod sticking to the ceiling.
Katka looked with horror at the purple head, with both hands rested against Oleg’s shoulders and did not want to sit down.
– Catch, why are you? – he excitedly whispered – We quickly! Come on, sit down! You’ll like it! Sure, in the end he would have received his, but at that moment the saving bell rang.
Genk returned.
Fortunately, he was too lazy to use the key, which is why he lost an entertaining show.
Katka immediately freed and rushed to open.
Oleg instantly sobered up and gained the ability to think.
It turned out he had just nearly raped a friend’s wife.
Grabbing his coat and hat in his arms, he hurried to leave the hospitable house, on the verge of encountering pleased Genka, waving a bottle in front of his nose.
– Where are you going? – he was surprised.
– Gene, it’s late already, I’ll go home.
She has already called.
– Oleg walked around a friend who did not understand and rushed down the stairs.
Later, Oleg had long been afraid to meet Katka face to face.
In the early days, he and Genki were a little afraid, but soon he became convinced that his wife did not tell him anything.
He diligently avoided her for several months, but Genk still dragged him somehow to himself.
Katka made it clear that something had once happened between them, talking to him as if nothing had happened.
Over time, Oleg thawed out and even sometimes allowed himself harmless jokes with her, but sometimes, catching her gaze, he felt uneasy.
Although Katka is also good.
– he thought – When Genka returned in a second, he twisted out and ran away. Teen webcam orgasm.

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