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I did not take offense.
Because he himself received for this evening untold pleasure.
Fayu managed to wear in her fucking costume from a blouse, on which there is not a single button.
And while doing this, I wrapped my blouse under my skirt and tights.
And they controlled everything so that the blouses’ matter, which was wrapped up under the skirt and tights, still didn’t close the naked or uncovered pubis of the ladies.
When I finally licked everything from Fanzily and got up, I was surprised to find that everyone, including Fanzilya, was already dressed, and only I was completely naked.
Eleanor stood in a chic very expensive dress.
This dress covered everything, and it was not possible to imagine that she was once naked among us.
As the mistress of the salon, she silently fastened collars on my neck.
The leash from the collar gave Fay.
Faya immediately took the whip from Eleanor’s hands and demonstratively slashed the whip on my back.
Why are you so quick not quickly grabbed the purchase, do not delay us and immediately the managers handed me a few boxes.
In which there were heavy eb-machines.
At the same time, the neighbor took over air boxes with dresses.
And Faya herself took the packets with dildos.
And so we moved to the exit.
I, holding the boxes with the purchases, like a naughty puppy pulled the leash and gave out loudly, but I’m naked.
So what, I’m also almost naked, and you dress for a long time.
A taxi driver will not wait long.
Some of the managers somehow cynically threw my pants-shirt-tie-socks over the boxes and pointedly threw up my pants at the top.
I almost burst into tears from such rudeness.
But then he felt the slap whip.
Okay, the taxi driver will wait, my neighbor said, because he still sits in the front seat, and we are in the back.

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After all, you do not want my beloved to put me in the back seat with a naked man, well, or herself sit in the back seat with a naked man? Then Faya interrupted him abruptly: “And you don’t want to obey me?” If you let him in – with a gesture pointing at me to get dressed, then while he is dressing, you now carry all things into the trunk.
But at the same time I’m with him (he gestures at me) and sit in the backseat.
So suit you? Okay, okay, don’t start, Mistress.
And he took the heaviest boxes out of my hands.
I sighed with relief and began to dress hastily.

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Our neighbor went three times, taking packages.
And as soon as he returned for the last luggage, my wife suddenly with a jerk fastened on him a collar with a leash, after removing it from me.
It was already time for my neighbor to be surprised.
And under the universal laughter of both managers and Eleonora and of the Fanzili herself, we skipped off to such an interesting salon.
Getting into Fi’s car all the same, bursting into laughter, turned to the driver – let our mate sit in the front seat.
And I, sucked right in front of everyone on the whole street, whispered in my ear: what a great you are at my place !!! I am so grateful to you for such an evening, I want to love you forever, you are my most beautiful husband !!! In response, I said almost the same thing.
She also confessed her love to her ear.
Probably, from the outside, we looked like first-year college students who were crazy about sex, who had lost all shame from endless fucking each other, and appeared on the streets in such super-revealing outfits.
We, kissing, collapsed in the back of a taxi.
And what and who will think about us, was infinitely indifferent.
Of course, the taxi driver saw both completely exposed breasts and widely spaced legs with bare pussy.
And how did he ask a neighbor – can you fuck this girl? And the way the neighbor answered – well, now I don’t have to fuck this girl either, so they are newlyweds and now she will only give a fuck to her poor husband.
A funny adventure that ended up dragging a huge pile of purchases to us.
And the neighbor, who paid one thousand euros for them, was not allowed to come to her.
Pointing to him that he made his choice, which allowed me to get dressed at the exit of the store.
And since this is your choice, then my wife and I, when we want, then we will invite you, but before fucking you yourself must put on a collar and come to us and demonstrate humility. Sex video show online.

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