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She put a collar with a leash around my neck, which she took from the dog, pulling the strap down, trying to bend me.
I tried to resist, but the one who let me down, standing back, began to push me, I had to submit.
I knelt down.
I was dismantled and fear, and curiosity.
There was, of course, more of the first, but there was no choice.
The girl behind me spread her legs even wider and, inserting a candle into her vagina, thrust it into my anus.
Holding my hips, began to fuck me hard.
From such a situation, I flew like a bucket.
Meanwhile, another brought a dog to me and ordered me to suck his dick, after which, looking at our group, she and her friend began to caress each other.
To my surprise, the dog ended very strongly and very violently.
My mouth, lips, face, neck, chest were completely covered with sperm.
While I was sucking his dick, the girls followed each other.
Finally, they are tired.
I thought that this was all over, but I was mistaken.
They, continuing to keep me on a leash, brought the dog to me from behind.
He did not have to beg for a long time, apparently, he had experience in such matters.
He threw his front paws on my back.
And resting his hind legs on the floor, pierced me with his penis.
From the frantic pace and sensual sensations, I began to reach madness, so the girls held me, pulling the leash and holding my mouth.
I do not remember how long it lasted, but apparently the dog eventually exhausted, as it got off of me, breathing heavily.
I licked him a member of the remnants of sperm, which expired itself.
My body was all in the moisture of the intimate places of the girls, my sweat and dog sperm.
By the way, during this furious race, he got me not only in the vagina, but also in the anus, but for him, apparently, it did not matter.

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Pulling on my panties and a blouse with a skirt, giving a cigarette and not saying goodbye, the girls left.
Hardly getting to the apartment, I fell into exhaustion on the sofa.
Through oblivion, I heard my girlfriend come, felt her tongue on her clit, her hands and lips on her body.
I felt like she, playing with my breasts, shoving her his crack.
However, I was simply unable to respond to her caresses.
After such an evening I couldn’t move a finger because of fatigue.
Waking up the next morning, I lay with my eyes open for a long time.
Finally I got up and went to the bathroom.
Rubbed lips were setting a little bit, my poor ass reminded me of yesterday evening with a slight pain.
However, I tried not to pay attention to it.
I remembered yesterday evening, standing under the refreshing shower streams.
My thoughts were interrupted by a doorbell.
Dissatisfied with the fact that they prevented me, I threw on a bathrobe and went to open the door.
On the threshold were two guys.
They introduced themselves as fellow students of my college friend.
Having invited them in and escorted into the room, I went to the kitchen to make coffee.
Standing at the kitchen table, I felt like someone’s hand, getting under the robe from the back, stroking my ass.
I tried to turn around, but strong hands sharply tilted me, and into my heated slit entered his penis, the size of which made me moan and squirm.
Bursting out, I raised my head and saw the member right in front of my mouth.
I tried to dodge, but my girlfriend’s second classmate, grabbing my chest, deftly pierced my mouth with his dick.
So, taking turns in turn, they pumped me with sperm for two hours.
After they left, I again took a shower, drank coffee with a friend who had come by that time.
I did not tell her about what happened to me.
We drank coffee and spoiled each other with sausage, which was inserted into our slits, caressing the clitoris with the tongue.
These two days flew by.
It came to go back home.

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Gently saying goodbye to my girlfriend, I got on the train.
The carriages swayed, the wheels clanged, the train started.
The door of the coupe opened, and a young couple entered.
I am Sergey, and I am Katya, – they introduced themselves and smiled.
I smiled back.
Well, and about it already next time, it is another story.
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My name is Artem.
I am 18 years old.
I’m brown-eyed brown-haired.
So I decided to write about what happened in my personal life.
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