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Are you jealous of each other for her? Not? Then why did you decide what will happen to me differently? – I was surprised.
– Or Vitaly? Former husband of Svetlana, whom she still loves.
Or will you tell me now that you do not know about it? – I smiled and opened the window, running fresh air.
“I know that they still meet, in secret from me, since Sveta is afraid to offend and upset me,” Lera said.
I looked at her in surprise.
– Yes Yes.
Do not look at me so.
It hurts me that she deceives me, but I love her and do not want to lose.
She is the only one who loved me the way I am, and did not try to make me a sex toy.
Yes, and I loved her.
But he.
he can destroy our love, – tears appeared in Lera’s eyes.
I put my hand on her hand and squeezed lightly.
“Silly,” I said quietly and smiled.
And then she asked in a serious tone.
“What did you think when you ruined their family?” After all, if

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you did not stay with Sveta, then he and Vitaly could have reconciled for a long time and lived as before? You really thought about yourself at that moment? How good you are with her, how lucky you are that you found her and she accepted you.
Is not it? – A little more severe tone, I said.
Seeing that Lera was already crying almost on a blast, I asked her to stop.
She went smoothly to the right and pressed on the side of the road, and then jumped out of the car.
I sat for a while, and then, taking a pack of wok from a glove box and a lighter, I got out of the car.

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Going to Lera, who was standing behind the Audi, clinging to the trunk, I pulled out two cigarettes and lit one by one.
Giving one Lera, the second lit herself.
“Stop crying,” I said seriously, intending to take her out of this state.
– Tears of sorrow will not help.
We need to think what to do to all three of you, – I said, releasing smoke.
Lera looked at me.
– Three? – she was surprised.
– Yes.
What do you think? Vitalik does not need to be discounted, otherwise Sveta will be unhappy and may, later, blame you for everything.
This is her man and you need to accept it and try to find a compromise.
After all, is he such a freak?
Is he a jerk? As far as I know, no.
So what’s up? Make friends with him.
Yes, he will be part of her life, like you.
You do not want to sleep with him, nobody forces you.
But if she needs him, prove your love, let her be with him without leaving her.
Or jars on you that he will fuck her? So I tell you honestly, no man can compare with you, no matter what member he has, even with a fire hose with a six-liter tank! – I blurted out.
– Six? – suddenly asked Lera.
– BUT? – I came out of a stupor.
– You said six liters.
Why six? – smiling she clarified.
– I do not know.
And is it important? – Realizing the curiosity of the statement, I replied.
And we scattered.
“Listen, but is it true that you don’t like him?” I asked again.
Lera shrugged.
– And when you had him there on vacation, did you like it? – I tried to find out.
– I do not know.
Then I did it for Sveta.
I was ready for her at all, and now, too, ”she answered calmly.
Cars were flying nearby, some were signaling when they saw such a pretty figure of Lera.
– In general, how do you treat sex with men? – I asked.
– Not really.
Only when it strongly wants and only in an active role, – she answered.
– That is what I had you in the ass boys, you did not like it? – I was surprised.
– Well, what are you! It was magical and I would have experienced it more than once! – She replied, smiling.
– Let’s go to the car, but they will soon start shooting us.
We stand here as confused, – said Lera and we laughed and got into the car. Sex lady art hegre beauty free online.

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