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The owner pulled away, again tapped a member on her face, then squatted next to her and began to gently stroke her wet cheeks and massage her breasts.
She finally softened and for several minutes could not come to himself, sobbing and licking the hands of men.
Then again a member deep in the mouth, again a hard carpet under the knees, again slippers in the teeth.
But with all this, the feeling of extraordinary, stunning closeness – no one ever knew her as he did, no one was so strict and so affectionate with her.
And when the lord finally put her on cancer and seized her from behind, the sneakers in her teeth turned out to be very appropriate, otherwise her enthusiastic screams would have collected the entire hotel.
– How is it – “only at home”? Come on, tell me what you came up with? – I just used to be able to reach my penis with my lips, and I could even lick the head! – I was really proud of my success and even tried to raise my head, but immediately got a slap in the face: – Where are you looking, slave ?! – Excuse me, Madam! – I instantly again stared at the crotch Mistress.

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My cheek was burning: this slap seemed to have undermined something in me.
I realized that the Mistress has real power over me that I am ready to use immediately.
And it didn’t even occur to me to rebel, the slap seemed natural.
– Try it now, I want to see how you can do it.
– Mrs. looked at me and sat on the ottoman.
She was in a light white sundress and sat almost perfectly: her legs were slightly apart, her skirt was raised exactly to the middle of the thigh – I was just in awe! – Well? How long do I have to wait? – This second! – I let go of a member and tried to reach out to him with his lips.
Blushing from the strain, I realized that there was at least 5 cm left until the penis.
– Something you are trying hard! – Mrs. clearly looked not very pleased.
– We’ll have to do your preparation.

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She went to one of the racks: – Yes, it will do.
Now you will wear such an interesting accessory! – said Mrs., snapping a wide and massive metal ring just below the head of the penis.
Now he was almost completely chained into metal and even in an excited state began to bend downwards.
Mrs. slightly pulled the ring, checking the strength of the structure: – Now we will increase the load! – She took a pretty weighty weights, almost like in Disney cartoons, and hooked to the ring for the protruding bracket.
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