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Then the naked went to the balcony, smoked, and chatted a little about life.
Tony had an amazing figure: long, straight legs, sharp hips, full, but not sagging breasts, pronounced waist: Noticing my admiring glance, she laughed: – What, the secretary of the district party committee can not be a beautiful woman? At lunch, we talked a bit with Givi and Natasha, who, apparently, did not lose time either.
When I returned to the room, I was simply stunned by Tonina’s unexpected request to suck a dick, which was my first time (my wife didn’t even want to hear about it) and I began to comprehend the basics of oral sex: first she lay between my legs and sucked, then I licked her lips and clitoris, then together in pose 69: I licked the woman for the first time, did it most likely ineptly, but I liked that she had such a peculiar taste, pleasant smell, and tried to please her, especially feeling her member hot mouth: Our caresses suddenly interrupted by a knock at the door and Tone and I They rushed to pull the clothes. Sex and the city 2008 online sa prevodom.

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