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That’s the number! What should I do? And suddenly I realized that if my mother wanted, even being in her present state, she would have long ago replaced two drunken men who always and completely obeyed her.
And I touched the lips of her lips.
She only started slightly from surprise, but after a second she answered my kiss, answered the same way she had just kissed Vladimir.
Her mouth parted, her lips pressed passionately to mine, her tongue playing with my tongue.
Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that while we were kissing, Volodya boldly undressed his mother.
First, he took off his blouse with a bra.
Looking up from the lips of mom, I eagerly examined her breasts.
Full, with big nipples, their photos could become an ornament to any men’s magazine.
And it was my mother’s bust! Such a thought could stop me, but no.
When my fingers slid over the warm soft flesh, touched hard nipples, I forgot about everything.
Mother whispered something while I caressed her breasts.
I grabbed her strained nipple with my lips, nibbled it and tickled my tongue, twirling the other nipple with my fingers.
And Vova was not limited to the upper part of my mother’s toilet.
He gradually pulled off her skirt and pantyhose with panties, and now she sat naked, gorgeous in her nudity.
Mom looked into my eyes with embarrassment, but seeing with what lust I looked at her body, she shyly clasped my head with her hands and pressed to my chest.
I just had to.
I continued the sexual games with her breasts, this magnificent creation of nature. Nudelive cam.

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