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Oleg watched as a member of his friend quiver in the immediate vicinity of his wife’s crotch.
Tatiana seemed to notice nothing lying with a blissful smile and closed eyes.
Genka finished with his legs, imperceptibly for her, ran his oiled hand over his penis, then pressed his palms to her stomach and pressing, led them forward.
He had to lean more and more leaning over her, which made the female legs on her shoulders pull even higher.
A shiny member of the oil inexorably approached Tankinoy crotch, but she could not see it.
But Katka worried in earnest, spun nervously and pushed Oleg.
– Look, see what he does! How can you be so calm !? – Yes, let him.
for a friend is not sorry.
– I’m serious! – Angry Katka.
– And I.
– Oleg moved, being behind her and gently pulled the swimsuit panties down – And where do you see “calmly”? I have how worth it! – He pressed his pubic to the buttocks.
Unfortunately, the viewing angle did not allow Tatiana’s crotch to be discerned – it hindered her thigh.
Genkina’s head, too, disappeared from view behind him, and Oleg could only guess whether he already reached Tatyana or not. Member livejasmin.

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