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Today is the day off and it is closed, there is nobody there, except for the boy – the watchman.
so why then go if no one is there? Although, excuse me, you better know what and why, I am grateful that you dragged me out of the house, and we take such a wonderful evening walk.
They came to a small house.
He knocked on the door.
The dark-skinned youth opened at sixteen

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Rat talked to him a little in Spanish.
Squirrel: I carefully look at the guy, immediately realized that he was of some kind of Latin blood, either Mexican or Spanish.
looked around the house, it was small and the smell of chocolate and caramel could be felt on the street.
Rat: Follow me do not fall behind.
Squirrel: follow you Rat: We have passed several doors.
We are in the kitchen, around the plates, stoves, dishes and huge vats with sweet fillings.
Something again said to the young man and he obediently withdrew the Squirrel: She looked around, inhaling the sugary sweet smell.
we are alone here.
Feel like a queen of sweets.
In the last vat of chocolate, it is liquid.
orange jam
Is it something bitter, brandy? rum? like truffles.
what are you doing!?? I’ll be sticky and sweet !!! Rat: Good suggestion – I approve.
you soil me a dress !!! Rat: So you have to take it off.
Squirrel: Having stayed in some panties, I wipe the sweet stuffing from my chest.
Rat: When you’re with me, make sure you never have cowards on.
I want to try the stuffing.
bent down to lick.
tongue spent on the nipples.
Squirrel: Emotions overwhelm, my whole body is now so sticky and sweet, trying to break free and smear you with something in return Rat: do you like cream? Squirrel: Nooooo.
I do not like creamers.

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Rat: Love it.
I feel like a cold trickle spilled on my ass, as the cream penetrates between the buttocks and flows on the floor over my thighs.
flowing down the legs of the cream tickle.
I feel like a dirty pig.
hair stuck to the sweet neck and back.
looking at my chocolate hands.
Rat: I love cream.
I am now a milk chocolate.
sat on a chair and put his stomach on his lap.
gathered from the shoulder what you smeared and slapped you hard on the ass.
He froze from what he saw.
Quiet, look at you.
at first, she was a little confused, then slowly the picture that this young man sees was slowly drawn into her mind, because I came in as a stately lady in a red dress with a candle, and now the necklace is all chocolate, as well as the lady herself.
sticky, dirty and still slapping me like a child.
cheeks flushed with a blush of shame and restraint.
he approached us.
we exchanged a few words in spanish.
never seen naked women so close, let him show you.
do not.
he is still very young.
I listened to myself and realized that my resistance is no more than a tribute to decency, which had long been forgotten in my polo! life.
He began to drive through the body with his hand.
Every night he will fantasize wanting to be in my place.
Squirrel: I feel how my hands slide over my chest, showing strong nipples, my tummy bent under the touch of my palm.
I feel that soon you will spread my pussy lips and show this boy all the secret folds between my legs.
I do not know why, but I became very excited about it.
turned a little.
He squatted by your spread legs.
I began to play with your pussy in front of him.
I pull the clitoris.
pulled his lips to open your hole.
What a cold finger.
Rat: I addressed him in Spanish.
the guy pulled his finger out, nodded, and quickly headed for the exit.
And now he went to get some water.
we take a shower Belochka: is there a shower here? It’s great! True, I can not imagine how you can wash all this sweetness.
Rat: A shower is an open cabin with storage on top.
Jose pouring! t warm water and it flows under pressure.
I get undressed and we go to wash Squirrel: I looked at your naked body, remembered for a second how we were in your bed and how I clung to you when you entered me.
went into the booth and looked around for soap The guy climbs onto a stepladder and pours water from the bucket into the drive.
we get up under the stream of warm water.
Squirrel: she raised her face and closed her eyes, water pours on top of us and chocolate, cream and jams are washed off on the skin in trickles. Livejasmin preview version.

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