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her not very pleased.
The cold glass impartially reflected the portrait of the maid from the sexual visions of the sexual maniac.
Slender legs, wrapped in black stockings, short flared skirt, from which you could see the bottom edge of a lace gum stocking, a tiny white pinafore and, finally, a corset, whose bodice lifted the girls’ juicy breasts so that they seemed to be two pink balls arranged in black the holes.
Kelly was afraid even to take a deep breath or to lean slightly.
It seemed to her that at the slightest movement the magnificent flesh would immediately break free.
After a little experimentation, the girl came to the conclusion that if she didn’t breathe too deeply and did not lean too much, nothing irreparable would happen and those around her would not see her nipples.
And one more thought occurred to the girl.
She turned her back on the mirror and tried to bend down again.
What Kelly saw when she glanced over her shoulder didn’t like her very much.
It turned out that even slight inclinations could lead not only to bare bust, but also to much more unpleasant consequences – a short little skirt turned up, partially revealing strong elastic buttocks and a narrow white strip of panties, barely covering the intimate space.
However, the thinnest fabric so vividly depicted the pussy that even Kelly, actually a well-bred and modest girl, involuntarily stretched between her legs.

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Her manicured finger went into the crevice between the genital lips.
“Ah,” Kelly let out a little sigh.
In the College of Service Staff at home, girls were trained separately from boys, and it would be difficult to endure sexual loneliness.
Kelly heard that some girls in college make love to each other, but she herself occasionally allowed herself to relieve tension with her own fingers.
In general, despite all good manners, Kelly could not resist the temptation and at least slightly caress her crack.
Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, and Kelly hurriedly jumped away from the mirror, pretending to admire the ocean through the window.
Entered Agnes, the wife of the younger brother in the Sommers family.
She meticulously examined Kelly and shook her blond head with satisfaction.
“The boys will like it,” she smiled, and gave the maid a box.
– Hurry up, the family is already going to dinner.
Kelly blushed slightly from the blatant hint of her outfit’s sexuality, while Agnes smiled slyly and slipped out of the room.
Kelly hastily put on what was in the box — black shoes with a high stiletto heel with a white edge that almost covered the slightly pointed noses, a white ribbon around the neck, white gloves and a white hairpin in her hair.
Kelly, almost physically, felt her eyes groping her slim figure, gliding along her long legs, touching her semi-naked chest.
Her eyes lowered, the girl hurriedly crossed the dining room and fell into place.
All the windows in the dining room were covered with thick fabric, and not a single ray of the tropical sun penetrated the room.
At the table are all seven people living in the villa Sommersov – the head of the clan John Sommers, his wife Patricia, two sons – Marvin and Sten, the wife of the last Agnes, as well as the youngest in the family, daughter Dorothy with her fiance Paolo. Livejasmin i.

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