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And while watching, I finally turned into a whore, when I finished not touching my penis almost simultaneously with Igor who had me in his mouth and Pavel who finished me in the ass, on the screen at that time they also ended up at Ksyuha.
The remaining two weeks were very difficult for our holes with Ksyuha, and for my dick.
Ksyuha liked most when she was both in the ass, in the mouth and vagina, and on the street with her friends, unknown to her, Igor’s drinking companions.
I was taken to a gay club, or rather, in a cafe where they are going, and there after a joint drinking in the company of Igor, Pavel and 3-4 more people, I acted as the main driver and sucker for them, right on the beach.
Pavel and I dragged Olga on the beach while Igor was pleasuring my wife in the room (or she).
Now here we sit in our little town and wait for the summer to come off the same way again.
Sometimes we arrange orgies but only with the ladies, otherwise the men will come and I will not restrain myself, and then, run away from the town? Live zoo sex.

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