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Ask to call? He is silent.
I know not.
I sit down, the taxi driver probably understands my condition, I am polite, I answer questions.
In my heart there is a premonition of a mourning march, that’s all.
He left, but now he will always torment me inside.
It is impossible to convey the feeling when there are no his calls, and there is a damn online.
Although let it be better than his absence and thoughts about where he is? Who is he with? Bad, painful, dirty.
Hate feelings
His refusal to meet, tears, mean tears and cold.
Insult, contempt, you have to pull yourself together.
And despite all this, at the thought of him a great desire for sex, hard and long.
As a medicine or as a lethal dose.
But nothing will happen.
The meeting of two acquaintances, one who considers her brute force and is capable of “sex” only after the horse’s share of alcohol and her lover, who hates and endlessly desires it.
But for all the meeting of two friends!
I look out the window.
Damn boring.
I do not understand why we should live by the rules? Why girls can not be sexually active natures and not be called “whores.”
All do not care for stereotypes! I will not bask in bed on this warm, almost summer night.
One for sure! I call a friend, second, third.
They sleep sweetly.
In addition, they are too different from me.
They have guys and they believe that they will have love to the grave, albeit sex 2 times a week with the lights off in the missionary.

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I am an experimenter by nature and now I will go out and conduct an experiment.
Sexual experiment.
Basically, I will not wear underwear.
It really interferes with life! 02:12 go out, catch a taxi.
Going to the club is a well-known place for all those who desire sex.
02: 36 take “Sex on the beach.”
Cocktail so-so, but the name is encouraging.
02: 38 on the horizon man.
Sits in the farthest corner on the right.
He drinks alone.
Act! Act! – it is necessary, and in me a loud inner voice.
02: 39 change location.
1 meter away from him.
But he still does not notice me.
Stretch hand to him smoothly, a box on his sturdy knee.
He looks at me with an interested look.
My hand as if inadvertently slips lower and lower.
And now I have unzipped his zipper.
but he stops me! Takes my hand and says: “Good evening!”.
I’m smiling.
He just takes my hand and leads me to some kind of red curtain.
I do not resist.
What’s the point? We come to a room entirely covered with soft walls.
I can not restrain myself.
He is very good! Tall blue-eyed brunette, 2-day bristles, powerful, strong hands.
He comes up behind and kisses on the neck.
Very good! Feeling dizzy and I’m ready to burn, break out.
I turn around, kiss him and instinctively knock down to the left unbuttoned fly.
Pants fall and I feel that his dick felt my passion.
How beautiful he is! I will torment him! I drive a whole head very slowly and very slowly with my tongue.
I know

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how he wants to enter my hot mouth.
Kiss Kiss Kiss.
and sucking deeper and deeper.
I see he likes it, he moans.
He picks me up and lays me down like a doll on the table.
He has a skirt and a blouse.
Licking nipples and his hand is already in place where my panties could be if I wore them.
He rubs my clit.
I’m ready to scream! “Come on !!!”, – I suffocate.
I want him to come in.
And in a few seconds he is in me! I feel it.
His nice, resilient cock.
He moves sharply, but this is amazing.
I want him to never stop.
But something whispers in my ear.
He has such hot breath, I do not hear that.
My moan he interrupts everything.
I can not hold back.
He picks up everything and picks up speed. Live sex chat hd.

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