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Separately, about poses.
The most comfortable: he sits on it or he is on his side, and the second behind.
Both of these methods will allow you not to be distracted from him: kiss, kiss, stroke and suck.
The most pleasant, but not psychologically comfortable, we know what? —.
of course, “cancer.”
After the men got to know each other closer, let them in front of you – they should not be left with the thought that they were doing something bad, they just had a somewhat unusual prelude to having sex with you.
By the way, therefore, they should end only on you or in you – in any case, do not give them the opportunity to arrange a get-together.
After the ice is broken you can enjoy brand new sensations and get amazing impressions.
And the most delicious of them: it is you, in the other – in it.
Those who have tasted – they talk about it only in an enthusiastic tone.
How to enjoy the resulting trio will be discussed in the next article.
This story happened to me a few years ago.
At that time I was twelve years old.
It was from this age that I became interested in male physiology and read the popular medical journal “Health”.
Then I did not think about the possibility of sex with boys, everything was limited only to mutual masturbation with my classmate and neighbor Oleg in front of a

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mirror or in coastal bushes after swimming in the river.
It was the usual game of two young males, trying their hand at the game “fight.”
All boys at this age show an increased interest in the physiology of their growing organism, the emergence of primary and secondary sexual characteristics and are very upset if they are lagging behind their peers in development.
Moreover, this curiosity is not deviations, but the usual cognitive interest, natural curiosity, typical of boys.
We changed clothes, hiding from prying eyes in thick bushes, looked at segments of each other, jealously watching the appearance of the first pubic vegetation.

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Later pisyuna and testicles touched, clearly see that comrade has everything just like mine.
The first time I was tormented by the question of why this “hanger” suddenly begins to grow, to pour strength, turning from a child’s “pod” into a slender male organ.
Then we measured the length of the penises, and the final of all expectations was mutual jerking to identify what makes the boy a man – the appearance of the first sperm, life-giving moisture, giving the right to life.
We finished several times and did not consider this a profanation.
It was the usual test of the physiological readiness of our “aggregates” for future love.
Later, I began to notice in myself the first beginnings of bisexuality, and this scared me a little.
Communicating with the girls did not bring me, but it didn’t bring much joy either.
It is known that in girls the transition period begins earlier than in children, they grow faster, are formed both physically and mentally.
Teen girls tend to communicate with high school students, ignoring their classmates, youngsters.
And with whom, then, to get the first experience of the boys? Who else if not with friends.
After all, the main role-playing activities of adolescents are no longer learning, but communication, communication, and again communication! It is the desire to communicate, and makes new acquaintances, unleashes the shackles of shyness.
And who better understand the experiences of a teenager as not a close friend, concerned about the same problems! Gradually, children’s fun was moving aside, giving way to things more serious – friendship and love.
Until the ninth grade, we studied in different classes, I was in “B”, and he was in “A”.
In the ninth, both streams were merged into one, and by the will of fate we were in the same class.
His name was Alex, and me Sasha.
We sat at different desks, both are good, thin, cute, both liked girls.
Lesha was an ordinary guy.
energetic, flexible, soft-tempered, straight, he made a good impression on teachers and classmates.
At first we did not communicate and did not pay any attention to each other.
different hobbies, yards and friends.
But one day after the end of the school year, the school administration decided to send the ninth “B” to a military sports camp with the aim of moral and physical preparation for military service.
It was supposed that we would get stronger in spirit, and at the same time we would help the state farm to weed the tomatoes.
Charges were short.
We first traveled by boat, then we went by bus to the tourist center.
They met us cordially, all placed in chambers in the buildings, fed, bathed in a bath. Live sex cams movies.

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