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Live cam orgasm.
Catching our breath, we both fell asleep.
A gentle and familiar hand massaged my clitoris.
From this feeling I woke up.
From under the door, the light of day came from the balcony.
Pasha slept.
Shh, – Andrew.
put a finger to his lips and asked in a whisper – continue? I nodded.
He entered me again with a heavy grip and also gave way back to the stretch, but for that reason he slipped from the second and began to move with an unexpected speed.
I do not remember how many times I finished, but Pasha woke up, said something, started on my nipples, I reached out to his already rising member.
Andrei turned me to the side, holding my right leg high and it began to seem to me that he penetrates even deeper, but in this position my ass was all in the power of Pasha, than he did not fail to use, but only with his hands.
Andrew finished, and not yet fallen member with a squish flew out of my pussy, but the sperm did not flow.
Before I could dodge, Pasha entered me and with sharp strong movements, spreading my legs wide, began to fuck me.
And he soon finished.
I really wanted to use the toilet, and the guys opened the door for me.
On the balcony, something had already received morning blowjobs, not that in the gym – there were girls fucking one for two again.
The corridor was empty, I almost slipped on someone else’s sperm.
In the bath (toilet is adjacent, but as I later recognized them in this apartment two – there is a separate one), again there was no one.
I went to the toilet, washed again, removing the sprayer from the hose, washed all the accumulated sperm out of myself, made an even deeper enema than yesterday and returned to the room to the guys. Live cam orgasm.

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