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Cassandra went to the meeting together with a small retinue: with her personal parrot – the Count of Luxembourg and a pair of maidservants – Laura had to be left in the camp, as she began to feel bad.
It has already been 10 minutes after the agreed time – the party most interested in the negotiations was not announced.
It was unbearable heat, which only added irritation.
Finally, a carriage appeared on the horizon and two of them came out of it — a girl and a man in a raincoat, wrapped up from head to toe, who together began to help their master.
With the greatest difficulty, a huge, fat, demon-like slug-overgrown finally fell out of a dangerously tilted vehicle.
– What

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kind of nastiness is this? – the earl who accompanied the queen even forgot to arrogantly curse those who were late – the demon that arrived seemed so disgusting.
The huge head, it seemed, without any neck overgrown into the body, which was more like a bubble – hanging breasts could be guessed through clothes.
Some hands were boneless and covered with folds, the legs, if they were present, were supposed to be short and hid under a huge carcass, turning into a pointed end behind – some sort of tail.
The toad head with a huge mouth was covered with long, thick hair-like processes.
At the end of all this carcass, naturally, just doused with sweat, breathing heavily.

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The fat hulk was one and a half times taller than the adult man and still needed the active help of the attendants, who clearly were not thrilled by the need to touch the sweaty mass.
Negotiations began, during which Cassandra made sure of her suspicions – before sitting under the table and doing a blowjob to Grievous, she was pathetically presented to all the grinning commanders, who, having prepared for custody, said that, they say, a human woman should not stand in front of them and that her presence must be invisible, and therefore let him climb under the table.
“And this despite the fact that they understood that their song was sung.
However, they apparently expected that Grievous would kill me.
“In general, the slug that appeared, who identified himself as Jabo, was not a general, but an aristocrat of the enemy kingdom of Demonia, he came to speak on behalf of the general, but showed only his incompetence.
From his slurred, interrupted dyspnea, it became clear that he was only here to pull time.
When he was pointed out to this, he apologized for a rather long time about the absence of the general – he was very sick and tomorrow another one would come to replace him.
Not wanting to roast in the sun, listen to his pant, look at him and smell his sweat, which, by the way, did not stink, and his smell was somehow even sweet, the queen completed the talks for that day and decided to stay at the castle.
In the evening, Cassandra walked through the empty rooms and enjoyed the coolness, leaving ridiculous anti-magic amulets in her chambers.
Suddenly seeing the demon’s maid, she decided to talk to her, but she suddenly disappeared and the mistress of the seas.
left to go in the direction in which the girl in her opinion could go.
Then the woman heard the splash of water and peered through the open door into the spacious pool in which the demon was sitting. Lesbian sex movies watch online.

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