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After that, this compass quickly evaporated.
And again, Ira thanked me, and after all this little mess, we still ended up at her house.
She fussed, prepared a snack in a hurry, and got out of the store of various kinds of alcohol.
I sat with Irina on a comfortable sofa, and next to it was a laid table, for about an hour or two, we chatted about a lot, interrupting to say a toast, then for us, then for women, then for something else. .
Alcohol in the game, although it does hops, but does not give to get drunk, so Ira just got drunk from all that was drunk, but that was enough for her to look at me, already with a different light in her eyes than before.
Ira crouched closer to me, and clung to me, embracing me a little and pressing her big breasts against me.
We were in ordinary clothes, because it would not be very comfortable to celebrate in full gear, therefore, in

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the cut of her dress, her breasts were clearly visible.
Ira looked me straight in the eyes, and lustful lights flashed in them, and I did not torment her, but just kissed her.
We kissed for a long time, passionately and deeply, I caress her whole body, then I remember my chest going backwards, smoothly moving onto her ass.

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Caressing her whole ass, then coming in the hollow between the buns, from top to bottom, and back, caressing her pussy or back hole along the way.
Ira from this, only pressed closer to me, pressing in my chest.
Then I put her on my knees, and began to kiss her neck, bite the earlobe, and again returned to the neck, then kissing, then slightly biting her.
Ira from all this breathed heavily and moaned, enjoying my caresses.
Then I pulled down from her shoulders, dress straps, bare them, and breasts, and fell to her shoulders with his lips, kissing one of them and moving on to another, treading a wet path from kisses at the base of her neck.
After going down even lower and burrowing her face into her big breasts, kissing the hollow between them.
She moaned more and more, and when I started kissing one of her breasts, sucking on her nipple, biting a little and even nibbling at the top of her little bit, kneading and pinching the second, even screamed, and repeated it when I changed my breast, doing the same thing with her.
Having caressed her breasts for some time, enjoying both her tender body and the melody of her moans.
When we were standing, still bound by a kiss, the dress fell off her, and she stepped over it, and threw it aside, I turned it to the sofa, and naked pushed a table with snacks, since he was on wheels, and jingling dishes and bottles , drove away.
So we kissed standing, until I sat her down on the couch, and tearing our sweet and so long kiss, began to go down to the bottom of her calf, caressing him along the way. Hulk hogan sex tape watch online.

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