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Yes, and odnogruppnitsam can also tinkle.
At the exit from the station, I decided to drop into the toilet, to help out “small”.
It changed my old life forever.
The men’s toilet was clean and well maintained.
I still remember sovok toilets at the stations, which you cannot enter without a gas mask.
And if you enter, you will surely get into the shit.
In this toilet, everything was lined with marble, all the plumbing was branded, the wall with washstands was made with a solid mirror.
Almost did not feel unpleasant odors.
Yes, for the entrance here it was not a pity to pay.
There was no one in the toilet.
But I nevertheless decided to retire in a booth, I was always embarrassed that anyone would see me at the time of meeting the needs.
Going into the booth, I, to my chagrin, saw wall painting, which was not combined with external beauty.

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On the walls of the booth was everything! And vulgar poems.
And phones Mash, Natasha and Andreev.
And obscene pictures of genitals and wearing pairs.
In addition, a hole the size of a fist was cut in the right wall at the waist level.
She was part of the picture – a naked man bending over, pushing the buttocks apart, where the hole was an anus, respectively.
Above the booty there was a painted plate: “Either add, or suck.”
Me and my wife always upset and oppressed vulgarity.
But, somewhere in the depths of myself, I began to pick up an easy attraction to see and read it all.
Anyway, no one sees! I already peed and fastened my pants when someone entered the next stall.
There was a sound of opening the zipper on the pants.
And at that moment I terribly wanted to see a member of a man in the next booth.

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My device was not very big.
Less than average.
I complexed! And I always wanted to see, compare – how much more he has from others.
Having made a decision, I quietly knelt down and looked with one eye into the hole, without approaching it, so that they would not see me.
Not excited member was more than mine and quite beautiful.
With horror I tried to drive away the thought that I admire them.
It was necessary to stop spying, but I could not tear myself away from the sight of how a powerful jet breaks out of this handsome man.
The flow of urine stopped pouring, and now a droplet hung from the head.
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